pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Vitus Zircon 0.1 Mountain Bike

2011 vitus zircon 0 1 mountain bike   2011 Vitus Zircon 0.1 Mountain Bike

For riders who are looking for an outstanding mountain bike this year, the Vitus Zircon 0.1 might be the answer. Mountain bike lovers choose Vitus Zircon 0.1 for its matchless quality, excellent performance and best price.

Very versatile, this hardtail mountain bike tackles tough trails, including singletrack descents, marathon events, and club XC races. As a super-alloy, the bike can perform at a level higher than several simple alloy hardtails.

Without compromising its strength, a zirconium alloy in the aluminum composition, made the tubing thinner and lighter. Lightweight, the 2011 Vitus Zircon 0.1 Mountain Bike features a two-ring chainset, a gear ratio exclusively made for off-road riding, and less demanding shifting in unfavorable conditions.

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