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Zipp Reps Take Hold of SRAM selections

zipp reps takes hold of sram selections   Zipp Reps Take Hold of SRAM selections

32 Zipp representatives and SRAM come together to boost sales of SRAM’s brands. SRAM aims to widen the awareness among dealers of the SRAM lines available in the market. And Brian Gavette, director of North American aftermarket sales and marketing for SRAM, assigns Zipp reps to help to be the key players in fulfilling the job.

Reps are now promoting employee purchase programs to distinguish key influencers and  clinics on SRAM’s XX mountain group. Also, Apex road group and SRAM aluminum wheels are now being promoted as an initial move.

It took extensive training to educate the reps of the technicalities and the flow of the mountain bike market that STU (SRAM Technical University) was opened to them in order to ensure their mastery of the SRAM selections. Instructors were deployed to reach reps that are working in the field.

Zipp will now be assigned to represent for its sister brands, SRAM, RockShox, Avid…

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Zippicelli Commemorative Wool Cycling Jersey

zippicelli commemorative wool cycling jersey   Zippicelli Commemorative Wool Cycling Jersey

Zipp knows that cycling in the cold can be tragic at times, so here is a product by the brand that will assist you in being warm, the Zippicelli Commemorative Wool Cycling Jersey. Made of 100% Australian Merino wool, the Zippicelli Commemorative Wool Cycling Jersey is machine washable, the wool is actually a climate adjuster so if you start heating up it breathes so you can cool down, using 3 pockets at the rear, and a old school Zipp logo with original felt materials. Sizes available are extra small to XXL.

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Zipp Dual Wheel Bag

zipp dual wheel bag   Zipp Dual Wheel Bag

Taking your bike with you when traveling? Stay protected with the new Zipp Dual Wheel Bag, but you don’t have to own Zipp wheels to use this bag. You can easily slip your wheels into the individually padded pockets of the Zipp Dual Wheel Bag, while their are other compartments to pack your goods. It is important for the bag to stay strong for your wheels, so Zipp used high density foam for taking big hits and thick nylon for punctures or rips. Also comes with adjustable shoulder straps, mesh id pocket, key clip, and removable padded hand strap. Retail price is $125.

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Zipp Speed Weaponry VukaR2C Aero Shifter

zipp speed weaponry vukar2c aero shifter   Zipp Speed Weaponry VukaR2C Aero Shifter

A name change is in affect on the R2C aero shifter, which is now being called the VukaR2C, a tactic aimed to follow SRAM, since they own Zipp Speed Weaponry. The VukaR2C shifter, also known as the neVukaR2C is Zipp’s way of combining high performance and aerodynamics. Once setup for riding comfort, the shifter features a return to center actuation, which brings the lever back to the original angle. Weighing in at a mere 180 grams for set, the Zipp Speed Weaponry VukaR2C Aero Shifter is available mid January 2010.

Source: Bike Rumor

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