pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike

2012 kona zing deluxe road bike   2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike

Skillfully designed by Kona Bikes, the new Zing Deluxe is one of the newest and most coveted road bikes for 2012. While incorporating the geometry from some of the former Kona road bikes, it gets some new tube shaping with the use of the Kona Race Light 7005 Superplastic-formed tubes.

Along with these highly efficient and lightweight tubes is a Dedacciai carbon fork, making a great component package. With these carefully selected specs, the Zing Deluxe offers a great value without compromising quality. Also, its Kona Race Light 7005 Aluminum Butted frame is nicely painted with green.

Comfort and speed are perfectly balanced by the 2012 Kona Zing Deluxe Road Bike, thanks to its excellent road geometry. In particular, this machine is designed for beginners who are just about to enter the world of road bike cycling.

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