pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Bont Zero Road Cycling Shoe

2012 bont zero road cycling shoe   2012 Bont Zero Road Cycling Shoe

Coming from Bont for 2012 is a new unparalleled road cycling shoe called Zero. This handmade cycling shoe is tailored with Bont’s advanced carbon layup techniques to effectively lessen the weight of the shoes but still keeping its structural quality and performance.

Aptly called Zero, this road shoe has virtually nothing when it comes to downsides. It features a 100% carbon monocoque chassis material, which comes with a laminated silver fiberglass upper. While very stiff, the Epoxy Thermoset resin of the shoes becomes flexible when temperatures are low.

What makes the 2012 Bont Zero Road Cycling Shoe outstanding is the fact that it is currently the most heat moldable shoe available. Very versatile, these shoes can be suitably worn during racing, mountain biking, and during rides on flat roads.

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