pinit fg en rect gray 20   2013 Shimano Zee Group Set

2013 shimano zee group set   2013 Shimano Zee Group Set

Young entry-level gravity riders have something new for 2013, the Shimano Zee Group Set, which has been introduced as Saint’s little brother. This new groupset is a replacement of the Hone groupset, Shimano’s attempt to create a more affordable version of the Saint.

Named after ‘zero’, the Zee enables gravity riders to hit the extreme trails’ zero gravity without feeling restricted. Similar to the Saint, this groupset is equipped with topnotch disc brakes and the high-tech Shadow RD 10-speed rear derailleur, which offers downhill riders an exceptionally silent drive train.

For a balanced combination of rotating performance, stiffness, and strength, a hollow axle and solid crank arm was used. This Ice Tech compatible groupset’s brakes can be upgraded to the maximum Ice Tech braking power.


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