pinit fg en rect gray 20   YikeBike Review

yikebike review   YikeBike Review

The YikeBike is an electric bicycle like no other because of its outrageous design. It definitely has no other peers in the looks department. This eccentric electric bike from New Zealand has a 15 mph speed cap and a six mile range.

Given it’s unique name, the YikeBike is still reliable in traveling, particularly in cemented or flat areas where it works it’s magic. Despite looking like those old penny-farthing bikes from the past, it certainly is and can be considered a work of science.

Grant Ryan, the creator of the YikeBike has designed the front tires to have a diameter of a mere 20 inches, while the rear is only 8 inches in diameter.

Portability is one unique and uncanny feature for this electric bike. Users can collapse the little rear wheel and tuck it inside the front, which also holds the battery pack as well as the…

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