pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Yeti SB 66

2011 yeti sb 66   2011 Yeti SB 66

Yeti bikes has officially released new details regarding their latest addition to their long line of super trail bikes in the form of the new 2011 Yeti SB-66.

The new bike features the latest technology called Switch technology, a new bike technology that utilizes a dual link design that improves the rider’s pedaling power while at the same time still giving the rider the comfort that they would need during downhill and uphill trail.

So how exactly will the new technology work for the Yeti SB-66? The dual link tech moves the lower pivot of the bike’s swing arm to help continually move it throughout the ride. From the normal position, the dual link revolves counter clockwise together with the axle, which initially moves backwards.

Changing the shock midstroke helps flatten the leverage ration slightly, which in turn provides a responsive feeling while in control. Moving the dual link system past midstroke…

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