pinit fg en rect gray 20   Xootr Crossrack

xootr crossrack   Xootr Crossrack

Road riders looking for a way to bring more stuff when they hit the road can definitely benefit from the new Xootr CrossRack.

With the new Crossrack from Xootr, added baggages can be carried on this vertical and stable rack. According to Crossrack makers Xootr, this innovative add-on utilizes the space behind the rider and helps you put your backpack where you’d want it the most, behind you.

Installation might look complex but a quick visit to Xootr’s main website and you’d easily pick up how to install the bike rack. What’s great about the Crossrack is that it can easily be mounted to just about any road bike or scooter. Despite the size it carries, the crossrack delivers a low drag thanks the positioning of the rack on the slipstream.

This bike rack is also made of welded aluminum but surprisingly light with a total weight of 664 grams. It’s also…

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