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2012 Santa Cruz Superlight D XC Bike

2012 santa cruz superlight d xc bike   2012 Santa Cruz Superlight D XC Bike

For riders who are fond of cross-country cycling, Santa Cruz Bicycles has released a new XC bike for 2012 called Superlight D. Designed under the principle of minimalism, the Superlight D offers 100mm of rear wheel travel using a neat single pivot design, which has been engineered for a decade.

Handling with much snap and confidence, the suspension of the Superlight D XC bike is stylishly accommodated in a lightweight aluminum chassis. This unparalleled suspension is one of the most imitated ones on the international cycling market.

With simplicity and reliable functionality, the 2012 Santa Cruz Superlight D XC Bike is perfect for the minimalist riders. Included in the components of this simple cross-country/trail bike is a WTB Volt Sport saddle, Easton EA30 seatpost, Lizard Skin Charger grips, and Easton EA30 bars and stems.

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2012 Specialized Rockhopper XC Hardtail Bike

2012 specialized rockhopper xc hardtail bike   2012 Specialized Rockhopper XC Hardtail Bike

For riders who are looking for a XC hardtail bike, Specialized has released the 2012 Rockhopper. Even the roughest trail can be tackled with lightweight confidence, thanks to its fully butted M4 alloy frame along with its light but durable and tough double-walled alloy rims.

What riders will definitely love about the Rockhopper is that it combines great value and performance. This is because the bike is equipped with excellent but affordable components, including the Tektro disc brakes as well as a SR Suntour suspension fork, which is custom-tuned and comes with a lockout.

Constructed to perfectly tackle the demands of singletrack and road cruises, the 2012 Specialized Rockhopper XC Hardtail Bike is a must-have. For various conditions, Specialized used a state-of-the-art knob pattern from The Captain Sport tires.

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2012 Specialized Hardrock Disc Hardtail XC Mountain Bike

2012 specialized hardrock disc hardtail xc mountain bike   2012 Specialized Hardrock Disc Hardtail XC Mountain Bike

Designed for riders who are fond of urban jungles and adventures on the trails is the new 2012 Specialized Hardrock Disc Hardtail XC Mountain Bike. To make sure that the mountain bike ride is really fun, its stiff frame is matched with its 80mm smooth-travel SR Suntour fork.

What makes the bike more lightweight, compliant, and durable is its fully butted A1 Premium aluminum frame that comes with double Ore down tube. Over varying terrain, tunability and versatility are enhanced by the lockout, preload adjustment, and size-specific spring rates of the SR Suntour fork.

To keep the rolling resistance low, the knob height used in the Specialized Fast Trak LK Sport 60 TPI tires is decreased. However, riders can have confidence on the trail with the sufficient grip of the bike. Bumpy issues are tackled well by the double-walled alloy rims, which are light but durable and tough.

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2011 Sunline XC-One stem

2011 sunline xc one stem   2011 Sunline XC One stem

A brand known for high quality bars, stems and seatposts to complete bike builds, Sunline is proud to introduce its XC-One stem this 2011. This new stem from Sunline is cleanly machined from a lump of aluminum while a tapered main section with a slight square profile increased torsional stiffness.

This means that the Sunline stem is an excellent upgrade to any mountain bike. Available in a wide range of colors, the XC-One can be customized by the rider to whatever color scheme. Length options range from 80mm to 110mm. With its great style, this stem is aesthetically fine.

While Sunline is a favorite in the downhill community, it made a wise decision to spread out into the cross-country market. With such a background, the 2011 Sunline XC-One stem is a reliable and quality item justifying its quite expensive price.

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