pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Shifters

2012 sram x9 mountain bike shifters   2012 SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Shifters

For 2012, SRAM has announced the new upgrades that its mountain bikes shifters will be getting. These include all the front and rear X9 9-speed and 10-speed trigger shifters across 2×10, 3×10, and 3×9 speeds in all colors from SRAM for 2012.

Downhill and cross-country riders will benefit from the same ball bearing pivot design that will be used by the upgraded SRAM X9 shifters as the higher-end XX and X0 units of SRAM. This will replace the present bushing-based design featured in the main cable-pull lever.

Mountain bike riders can expect better ride quality from these pull lever ball bearing technology upgrades. All the 2012 SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Shifters offer more precise shifting, as well as an enhanced lever feel and overall performance.

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