pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Ridley X Night Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike

2012 ridley x night carbon fiber cyclocross bike   2012 Ridley X Night Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike

For cyclocross riders who are looking for an affordable but reliable bike, one excellent choice is the X-Night reintroduced by Ridley Bikes for 2012. This award-winning carbon fiber cyclocross bike weighs in at an incredibly 7.26kg and comes complete with high-quality components.

Built from a monocoque frame, the X-Night offers maximum strength and reliable resistance to impact and torsional flex. This hardcore cyclocross bike has a 4Za Oryx carbon fiber fork and a tapered steerer that features a 1.5″ lower bearing and a larger crown, which lessens flex in the steering system.

The 2012 Ridley X-Night Carbon Fiber Cyclocross Bike offers a strength-to-weight ratio that traditional round tubes cannot match, thanks to its unique Sharp Edge Design tubing configurations. Its CNC’ed dropout design uses an incredibly stiff bolt-on dropout that offers excellent telepathic rear shifting.

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