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2011 X-Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 X Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

2011 x fusion hilo dropper seatpost   2011 X Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost

One new affordable dropper seatpost is the 2011 X-Fusion Hilo. Available in a 27.2mm size with 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters as well, the X-Fusion covers most bikes. The seatpost offers 100mm of adjustability from the hydraulic internals, too.

There is a handlebar-mounted remote and a simple under-the-saddle lever options for setup. To activate the dropper mechanism, a simple gear cable is used by the remote lever. However, cable layout underneath the seat is poor with the cable-actuated handlebar mount easily filled with winter spill.

On a positive note, the rotating seat clamp design makes the seatpost function smoothly, even after being left covered in dirt for a few days. Featuring a double keyway design, the 2011 X-Fusion Hilo Dropper Seatpost is designed to avoid the saddle from twisting or moving.

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2011 X-Fusion Hilo Seatpost

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 X Fusion Hilo Seatpost

2011 x fusion hilo 300x287   2011 X Fusion Hilo SeatpostThe 2011 X-Fusion Hilo is a telescoping post that uses hydraulic mechanism and oil flow to control the height of the seatpost. It also uses a single bolt head for adjustment on the fore/aft position and angle. It also has an air spring to extend the post and features a double key-way system.

The Hilo has a barrel adjuster at the post’s back that lets you manage the cable tension of the post. It has a total drop of 100mm/4″ and weighs 620 grams. It features a compact remote which comes in sizes of 30.9, 31.6 and 27.2.

The 2011 X-Fusion Hilo functions with a simple push of the activation lever. This will open a cable that serves as the oil passage. The oil is then free to cycle up or down inside the tube. Releasing the lever will close the cable, locking the position and stopping the oil flow.

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X-Fusion 2011 Shock Lineup

pinit fg en rect gray 20   X Fusion 2011 Shock Lineup

x fusion 2011 shock lineup 1   X Fusion 2011 Shock Lineup

X-Fusion proudly reveals its 2011 aftermarket rear shock line. The lineup includes the Vector Series and the O2 series. They will be available in August 2010. The engineering team was headed by Anthony Trujillo. X-Fusion will also make customization of the air volume in positive and negative air chambers to its customers in 2011.

The Vector Series comes in three models namely the RC, HLR and R. Switching to aluminum shaft, the Vector series are lighter but still maintains its durable qualities. Ideal for world cup downhill races and all-mountain rides, it gives quality performance and works to satisfy your every ride. The rebound oil flow was increased and the low speed compression circuit was redesigned to make it flexible for adjustment.

The compression knobs are made smaller and more length allowance is in place to compliment different shock sizing without sacrificing frame clearance. It also has…

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X-Fusion Vengeance Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   X Fusion Vengeance Fork

x fusion vengeance fork   X Fusion Vengeance Fork

The X-Fusion Vengeance fork line is one of the most anticipated products in the company’s line up. Keeping true to X-Fusion’s commitment on superb quality suspension products, the Vengeance underwent extreme testing and passed with flying colors.

The Vengeance HLR is a twin-tube fork with a cartridge based damper system. It has a compression feature than can be adjusted independently as well as rebound damping. With the HLR, you can customize the damping feature to suit your preferred style of riding and set-up. Maximum damping control is placed in your hands. The compression can be adjusted to high and low speed.

The Vengeance RC has share similar quality features with the HLR. The compression for the RC can only be adjusted to low speed. Both forks are sold with stock travel of 160mm and have 36mm aluminum stanchion. The stock travel can be shortened to 100-130mm if the need arises. Together with…

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