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WTB Valcon, Silverado Road and MTB Saddles Go Carbon

pinit fg en rect gray 20   WTB Valcon, Silverado Road and MTB Saddles Go Carbon

wtb valcon silverado road mtb saddles carbon   WTB Valcon, Silverado Road and MTB Saddles Go Carbon

WTB‘s popular saddles for road and mountain bikes will receive a upgrade that will release towards the end of this year. Those seats are the Valcon and Silverado.

The WTB Valcon and Silverado will now use carbon fiber rails and carbon composite shells. Silverado is a popular mountain bike saddle, while the Valcon is primarily used for road bikes, but off road as well. This upgrade will reduce the weight by 30 grams, compared to the previous titanium rails. Overall weight for the Silverado is 170 grams, and the Valcon at 165 grams.

Another change, which is more noticeably is the embossed microfiber covers, lowering the weight a bit compared to the leather covers. Still, both seats will feature the WTB DNA padding, while the Valcon will receive the LuxZone cutout. For protecting the back part of the Silverado saddle, Kevlar has been added…

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WTB Stryker 29er Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   WTB Stryker 29er Wheelset

wtb stryker 29er wheelset 200x300   WTB Stryker 29er WheelsetWilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) introduces its latest wheelset named Stryker. The 29er wheel is also offered in 26 inch sizes. It features the “I-beam” rim extrusion and similar to its Laserdisc rim, it also has the “Unbendium Bulge”. It also uses the 4 Axis Drill technology which is doubly drilling the spoke holes to give it a rim/nipple interface and makes it more aligned to the hub flanges.

The rim is made of WT 69, a new aluminum alloy which can accommodate a thinner rim wall yet still maintains its strength. To shave 30% off its weight, the Stryker has triple butted, 2mm blade type spokes. It has 32 spokes on the rear hub with the front hub compatible with 9mm QR or 15OR. Spoke tension is estimated to be 120kgf and with a target weight of 1548 grams.

The WTB Stryker wheelset will have UST bead standard rim designs….

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