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Tina Pic and Kim Baldwin in Women Only Training Camp

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tina Pic and Kim Baldwin in Women Only Training Camp

tina pic kim baldwin women only training camp   Tina Pic and Kim Baldwin in Women Only Training Camp

Tina Pic and Kim Baldwin will be leading the Constant Motion training camp for women only scheduled to be held in April this year in Colorado.

The Constant Motion training camp will be held from April 21-25 and is designed with women cyclists in mind, so the organizers have made it their mission to gather the best names in women’s cycling today. There is nothing like learning from the pros, and the organizers at Constant Motion has made sure that their participants will be able to enjoy all that a pro-level training camp has to offer.

This means that the lucky ladies will be able to ride, ask questions, and generally learn how to improve their cycling skills with some of the best in the sport today. Those who are serious about cycling should not even think twice about attending the training camp.

Women’s cycling legend Tina Pic will…

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Women Pro Team Joins Ritchey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Women Pro Team Joins Ritchey

women pro team joins ritchey   Women Pro Team Joins Ritchey

The Webcor Builders women’s pro cycling team has just signed on for sponsorship with Ritchey Design, and will be joing their roster of other sponsored teams like Colavita-Baci presented by Cooking Light, Jamis-Sutter Home presented by Colavita and United Healthcare presented by Maxxis.

The Webcor Builders is acknowledged as the oldest professional women’s cycling team in North America. John Frechette, the chief operating officer for Ritchey, says that the company “is proud of each of the teams it has chosen to support for the 2010-11 season.”

Riders from all the sponsored teams will get to use Ritchey design products, including their WCS hammerhead TT bars, one-bolt posts, and the wheels, of course (WCS 4-Axis Stem, WCS Allo 1-Bolt, and WCS Super Zeta, to name a few.)

The pro-team riders have also responded in kind and have given Ritchey reason to be happy with their sponsorships. Last season saw the Colavita men’s…

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No Women in 2010 Mt. Hood Classic

pinit fg en rect gray 20   No Women in 2010 Mt. Hood Classic

no women in 2010 mt hood classic1   No Women in 2010 Mt. Hood Classic

Women cyclists will not be able to join the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic for this year, as organizers of the annual stage race have canceled the pro women race due to conflicting schedules.

Chad Sperry, the race director for the 6-day event, explains that the schedule for this year’s Mt. Hood stage race would clash with two other major women’s cycling events, hence the reason for the cancellation. The two events mentioned are the Tulsa Tough NRC race for June 4, and the Philadelphia’s Liberty Classic which will be on June 6.

Sperry says that the schedules for the two races have overlapped that of the Mt. Hood event, so there would be very few top women riders to be seen racing in Mt. Hood, had they insisted on keeping the women’s races. He adds that the women’s races might be reestablished next season, but for now, the Mt. Hood…

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Yeti and Bigfoot Sponsor 1st Women-Only MTB Event

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Yeti and Bigfoot Sponsor 1st Women Only MTB Event

yeti and bigfoot sponsor 1st women only mtb event   Yeti and Bigfoot Sponsor 1st Women Only MTB Event

Yeti Cycles and Bigfoot Productions have teamed up as sponsors for the Beti Bike Bash, the first-ever mountain bike event for women only. Team Yeti Beti will be hosting the event, which will be held on June 12.

The Beti Bike Bash will feature a variety of races for women of all ages and skill levels. One of these will include a 3-woman relay race, plus racing at the 5-mile singletrack loop at Bear Creek Lake Park, with the beginners and sport-level riders racing two and three laps, respectively. Those belonging to the Open/Pro category can let it all out with four laps.

The MTB event will be held in Colorado, which fits perfectly, considering that the state has had a long and legendary history with the sport. The first-ever UCI MTB World Championships was held here in Durango back in 1990, with two local riders,…

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Aussie Women’s Cycling Has Cure

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Aussie Womens Cycling Has Cure

aussie womens cycling has cure   Aussie Womens Cycling Has Cure

Tasmanian rider Amy Cure is making a huge impact on the face of Australian Women’s Cycling, filling her up with a lot of positivity ahead. This 17 year old is the most recent junior world champion in the scratch race and bagged second at the women’s division for the same titles at Moscow last year. During the national titles in Australia, she emerged as the winner at the U19 women’s division with a level of skill that is uncommon for riders her age.

According to Cure, this could have been because she was raised under the diet of track racing by his parent. They would often take her at the Tasmanian Christmas Track Carnivals and their parents would buy them each a bike. And that’s where she takes it from there. She began riding on the road and eventually went into track just for the mere reason that she want…

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UK Women Petition for Safer Roads

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UK Women Petition for Safer Roads

uk women petition for safer roads   UK Women Petition for Safer Roads

9,000 women in the United Kingdom have signed and delivered a petition to Transport Minister Sadiq Khan. Their request? Better safety conditions for cyclists on British roads.

The Motion for Women was launched last year in September, and the 9,000-strong signed petition was finally delivered this week to the House of Commons by cyclists Terry Cassels and Rachael Wood. Copies were also sent to the National Assemblies of Scotland and Wales.

The petition was born out of the results of a survey by Sustrans, a sustainable transport charity. The results showed that around 79% of the women in the United Kingdom never ride on bicycles. The number one reason for this, according to the survey, was that the women respondents “did not feel safe”.

Rachael Wood emphasized the necessity of removing this “fear factor” out of the equation, saying that this is critical to be able to encourage…

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