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2012 Wilier Triestina Blade Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

2012 wilier triestina blade triathlontime trial bike   2012 Wilier Triestina Blade Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

A new state-of-the-art triathlon/time trial bike called Triestina Blade has been released by Wilier Bikes for 2012. Along with the manufacturing mold of this innovative bike is a standard fork and a unique how to get steroids
carbon composition. Its frame weighs in at 1.32kg only.

In order to optimize aerodynamics, the Triestina Blade is built with internally routed brake and cable housing. While taking advantage of its concealed Twinfoil V-style rear brake solution, this triathlon/time trial bike uses a customary front brake.

Featuring impressive components and spec at a low price, the 2012 Wilier Triestina Blade Triathlon/Time Trial Bike, comes with a Wilier FSA Gossamer crank set, Ultegra 6700 group set, and a Shimano RS30 wheel set.

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2012 Wilier Montegrappa Xenon Road Bike

2012 wilier montegrappa xenon road bike   2012 Wilier Montegrappa Xenon Road Bike

For those who want to experience an Italian cycling performance but are on a budget, the road bike called Montegrappa Xenon from Wilier Bikes is the perfect choice. This is perfect for riders who are looking for a road machine that offers both high quality and great aesthetics.

Aside from Italian styling, the Montegrappa Xenon also features a 9-speed Campagnolo Xenon drivetrain and a 7005 series aluminum frameset. Its lightweight frame comes with carbon fork blades, which allow for an outstanding lateral stiffness and maximum comfort.

Carefully designed, the 2012 Wilier Montegrappa Xenon Road Bike is ideal for training, road introduction, and sportive rides. Also included in the package are Maxxis Detonator tire, St. Steel spokes, and Xenon shifters, brake levers, and front and rear derrailleurs.

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2012 Wilier Cento 1 Athena Road Bike

2012 wilier cento 1 athena road bike   2012 Wilier Cento 1 Athena Road Bike

A state-of-the-art and award-winning road bike called Cento 1 Athena has been reintroduced by Wilier Bikes for 2012. This race-ready road machine is equipped with the most advanced features, such as its Athena 11sp groupset.

Designed with sportive rides and road races in mind, the Cento 1 Athena is built from a full carbon frame and fork. Using the unique 46ton carbon from Mitsubishi, this monocoque frame offers the optimal vertical compliance and lateral stiffness like no other road frame can.

Very innovative but still adaptable to take a traditional seat post, the 2012 Wilier Cento 1 Athena Road Bike is an epitome of a modern classic cycling machine. While it offers the latest technologies as well as excellent handling, this road machine is affordable.

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2011 Wilier Triestina Zero.7

2011 wilier triestina zero 7   2011 Wilier Triestina Zero.7

Wilier has announced the release of its lightest road bike so far called the Zero7 this 2011. Though the weight was made incredibly light, the bike’s ride performance is not compromised. This is achieved through the use of BB386 that was developed alongside FSA.

Very stiff, the Zero.7 has an almost zero loss when all of the rider’s power is moved to the rear wheel. The bike is constructed with Special Elastic Infiltrated (SEI), a new carbon layup technology that absorbs road vibration by placing a viscoelastic layer is in between carbon layers.

While it uses a tapered head tube and steerer, the 2011 Wilier Triestina Zero.7 features a 1-1/8in to 1-1/4in dimension instead of the commonly used 1-1/2in on traditional tapered frames. Uniformity and compaction are enhanced by the Large Inflatable Tube construction used to mold the Zero.7 frame.

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2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force

2011 wilier izoard xpsram force   2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force

With a combined Italian aesthetics and custom tailored component kit, the 2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force is a complete bike that features both style and function. Maximum performance is guaranteed by solid components, including SRAM Force and Mavic K10 Wheelset.

Designed with full carbon monocoque construction, the Izoard XP is built exclusively from Toray carbon. It is standard to have it with a Wilier Monocoque carbon fork with an aluminum steerer. The bike has an English bottom bracket, a 31.6mm seatpost, and a 34.9mm clamp on front derailleur.

Named after the most legendary pass in the French Alps, the Col d’Izoard, the 2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force is one great complete bike. Available in white/red, the bike comes in six sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large.

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2012 Wilier Zero 7

2012 wilier zero 7   2012 Wilier Zero 7

Wilier has unveiled a new bike called the 2012 Wilier Zero 7, which uses the new bottom bracket standard developed by FSA and BH. A special elastic film called the SEI Film is sandwiched between carbon layers in the tubes to help reduce vibration without adding much weight.

Wilier’s sponsored race teams will not use the bike so it is not crafted with the dated minimum weight restrictions that the racing’s international governing body imposes. For a medium painted frame, the frame will be very light, in under 800g.

Enhanced in the 2012 Wilier Zero 7 is its impact strength and interlaminate sheer strength. BB386EVO FSA crankset and ZnO / 60 ton Mitsubishi material help Zero 7 achieve combined outstanding stiffness with outstanding vibration damping properties in its very light frame.

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2011 Wilier Lavaredo Mirage Road Bike

2011 wilier lavaredo mirage road bike   2011 Wilier Lavaredo Mirage Road Bike

As a road bike constructed by Wilier, the Lavaredo Mirage is surely aerodynamic, light, and super strong. With its reliable technology, this hi-tech machine is one of the most sophisticated racing bikes on the market this 2011.

Exquisite appeal and great performance are combined in the Lavaredo Mirage. A double-butted aluminum frame with a carbon fork and aluminum steerer is used in this road bike to reduce weight to an incredible degree while maintaining its durability.

Helping the rider to tackle the tarmac with excellent performance are the Mirage 10-Speed drivetrain and Campagnolo Veloce brakes. The 2011 Wilier Lavaredo Mirage Road Bike is ideal for riders who are looking for a sporty road bike for adventure, commuting and exercise.

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