pinit fg en rect gray 20   Wilier 2010   High End Road Bikes

wilier 2010 high end road bikes   Wilier 2010   High End Road Bikes

2010, Wilier will bring us two new racing road bikes. The two models are the Aero Imperiale and Cento Superleggera, and from we what heard the Cento Superleggera is light. When you ride the two road bikes, you will have the traditional road bike feel, plus you can still do competitive riding. Down to the specs, the road Wilier 2010 Road Bikes features 3 piece monocoque frame, with a integrated back end. The frames only will run you £2,500 (roughly $4,103 USD), and the complete bike; £4,250 (roughly $6,976). Click below to see more images and info. Via BikeRadar.

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