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White Industries Quick Release Pedal System

White Industries introduces its new Quick Release Pedal System. It is a crank which uses a latch to allow easy mounting of pedals. The crank has a brass insert which is the heart of the new pedal system design. With a push of a button and a slide of the latch, the screw for the pedals can be easily attached to it. The brass button also acts as a lock to secure the pedals in place. It is handy and easy to bring around for travel.

Doug White of White Industries shows and explains further his new and innovative product:


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ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

eno trials freewheel from white industries 300x199   ENO Trials Freewheel from White Industries

Respected and well known for freewheels, White Industries is famous for quality made products, including its ENO Trials Freewheel. Whites Industries’ latest freewheel could be disassembled, serviced and conditioned to increase its longevity. The number of engagement points and the application of sealed-cartridge bearings are the main attributes of the Trials specific ENO Freewheel. The sealed bearings make it free from water, dirt and mud.

A total of 72 points of engagement and a six pawl system strengthens the outer gear case for added lasting durability and increase in performance. It is about 30 grams heavier than the standard freewheel. The end result, however, is 202 grams of quality product.

The Trials Freewheel has a retail price of $ 120. For more details and information, visit

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White Industries Urban Platform Pedals

   White Industries Urban Platform Pedals

This nice set of urban platform pedals is from White Industries. They were first introduced at the North American Handmade Bicycle show, and have recently gone into full production. The pedals are made of 6061 aluminum, and rotate on a 17-4 stainless steel axle with Enduro sealed cartridge bearings. The White Industries Urban Platform Pedals are made to work with toe clips and single or double straps, giving the cyclist options to choose from. They come in a clear polished color, and also an anodized black version. Bronze acorn nuts adorn the ends of the spindles. The White Industries Urban Platform Pedals are made in the USA and have a retail price tag of $235.

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