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Citec 6000 CX Carbon Tubular Wheelset Clincher

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Citec 6000 CX Carbon Tubular Wheelset Clincher

citec 6000 cx carbon tubular wheelset clincher   Citec 6000 CX Carbon Tubular Wheelset Clincher

Citec releases an innovative design to merge the benefits of a carbon wheelset with a metal braking surface in its 6000 CX Carbon Tubular Wheelset Clincher. Light yet durable, the carbon tubular wheelset has an aluminum braking surface and a rim depth of 50mm.

The metal strip on the braking surface is replaceable and the wheelset also features hidden nipples for better aerodynamics. (The internal nipples are located inside the carbon rim.) The front wheel has 12 black bladed spokes, wide flanges with an anodized 3-part front hub for lateral stiffness. It also features sealed cartridge bearings.

The rear wheel features anodized 2-part rear/hub attached to a HyperFlange hub with 16 bladed spokes. It has sealed bearings, a DT Swiss 240 S aluminium body compatible with Shimano 8/9/10-speed.

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SUNringle Black Flag Pro Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SUNringle Black Flag Pro Wheelset

sunringle black flag pro wheelset   SUNringle Black Flag Pro Wheelset

Sunringle presents the Black Flag Pro wheelset for cross-country and trail rides. It uses Stan’s NoTubes™ BST Technology that lets the sidewall height become lower. This makes sealing of the tire better and you can use the tire even at a lower air pressure.

The BlackFlag Pro has 15, 20 and a standard 9mm QR with a 24mm rim width. It has premium straight-pull hubs and Wheelsmith straight-pull double butted spokes. For the 26 inch, it has 24 holes and for the 29er it has 28 holes. It comes with taped rims, Wheelsmith alloy nipples and cro-moly skewers.

The 26″ Black Flag Pro weighs 1585 grams while the 29er weighs 1665 grams. The wheelset comes with 2 bottles of sealants and 2 valves. Retail price is $650. Colors available are gold and black.

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2011 Mercury M-Series Wheelsets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mercury M Series Wheelsets

mercury m series wheelsets   2011 Mercury M Series Wheelsets

Mercury Bikes introduces its 2011 M-series clincher or tubular wheelsets composed of the M-3, M-5, M-9 and M-Alloy. The wheelsets were constructed with simplicity and quality in mind. Together with valuable feedback from the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b GEARGRINDER Team, Mercury Bikes made several improvisations to ensure the M-Series stronger and lighter for road racing.

Features to note for the M-Series wheelsets are its 6/4 titanium freehub body, White Industry hubs, oversized 15mm axle and 24-point engagement. It uses Sapim CX-Ray spokes and DT Pro Lock nipples. All the wheelsets are handbuilt in the US and come with a double padded wheelbag, titanium skewers and carbon specific brake pads.

The M-3 is a 39mm full carbon wheelset at 1150g. With a 59mm rim, the M-5 is a wheel you can use for crits, climbing and daily commutes. It weighs 1430g. The 86mm depth of th M-9 wheelset makes it ideal for…

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2011 Easton Haven Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Easton Haven Wheels

2011 easton haven wheels 1 300x278   2011 Easton Haven WheelsFor 2011 Easton Haven will parade new wheels. These are the XC One, EA 70 XC, EA 90 XC, Haven Carbon and Aluminum. The XC One is a wheelset for singlespeed riding. It has no tubeless option and the MSRP is $699.

The EA 70 XC has MSRP of $525 for the 29er version and comes in black and white colors. It weighs 1950g and has a standard welded seam for its rim. It uses X2 hubs with straight pull spokes. Front and rear wheels have 24 count. The axle offerings are standard quick release and 15QR for the front and only standard quick release for the rear.

The EA 90 XC uses the UST rim with measurements of 24mm outer width and 19mm inner rim width. It weighs 1500g and is colored with black rims, sandblasted grey spokes and red anodized hub configuration. MSRP is $925.

The Haven Carbon is East…

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2011 DT Swiss Wheelsets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DT Swiss Wheelsets

2011 dt swiss wheelsets 1 225x300   2011 DT Swiss WheelsetsDT Swiss introduces new wheels for 2011, the XR 1450 and the Tricon M1700 wheelset.

The XR 1450 wheelset was designed to meet cross-country riders’ need for a wheelset that can meet the demands of the wild and sportive events. The lightweight cross-country wheelset has SBWT welded rims with high-end hubs. It features cartridge bearings and a star ratchet drive system. The aluminum wheelset has 28 spokes in the front and rear with 10mm and 12mm bolt-through rear axle options. It has QR and 15mm bolt-through front choices as well.

The front wheel at 5mm width weighs 660g while the rear wheel with 5mm width weighs 800g. It comes in the color nickel with black and white decals. No special tools are needed in maintaining the XR 1450.

The Tricon M1700 features spoke lacing, where one radial spoke and two crossed spokes are placed together on the hub…

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Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset

racing 7 wheelset from fulcrum 1 300x300   Fulcrum Racing 7 Wheelset The Fulcrum Racing 7 is now better than before. Fulcrum made them lighter and included a wear indicator to easily detect if your wheels need replacing. The rim is made from aluminum with a depth of 24mm and is colored black anodized and with updated graphics in white.

The hubs are oversized and with sealed cylindrical bearings. They are also available in a black anodized finish and made from aluminum. The front hub has upgraded spoke seats while the rear hub has a drive side flange, which is oversized. The rear wheel has 24 spokes laced consistent with Fulcrum’s 2:1 geometric technology. The spokes are stainless steel with a consistent thickness and round spoking. For the rear wheel, it has 16 stainless steel spokes on the drive side and 8 straight pull spokes on the non-drive side. The front wheel has 20 2mm spokes radially laced to enhance aerodynamics.

The Fulcrum…

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SRAM Aluminum 2010 Wheelsets

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Aluminum 2010 Wheelsets

sram aluminum 2010 wheelsets   SRAM Aluminum 2010 Wheelsets

To top their 2007 innovation of Zipp-inspired deep carbon rim aero wheels, SRAM decided to release a three-model range of road wheels with aluminum rims. This 2010 item is designed especially for rides that have a typically standard depth and minimal spoke counts of 18 front/20 rear.

If without the rim tape and skewers, the range wheel weighs about 1620g. It has a tangent non-drive side rear spoke arrangement that is similar with other brands. However, SRAM uses a 27mm deep rim with a traditional cross section. This is good for fast training since it comes out to be like an entry-level wheel.

This new range has the S27 Al Comp. This meant cartridge bearing hubs, the all-radial front/radial drive side and bladed Sapim CX spokes with brass nipples.

The S30 Al Sprint has the Sapim CX-Sprint spokes, internal aluminum nipples and black mirror finish. The S30 Al Race also comes with bladed…

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