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Zipp Clinchers 101 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zipp Clinchers 101 Wheelset

new zipp clinchers 101 300x199   Zipp Clinchers 101 WheelsetZipp comes out with “the world’s most aerodynamically advanced aluminum wheelset” called the 101. It features a toroidal rim (curved surfaces), high quality steel bearings and boasts of a 42 second advantage over 40km against V-shaped rims that are deeper than the 101 which has 30mm deep rims.

The Zipp 101 has a maximum width of 24.5mm which allows you to use 21mm-35mm tire width. Due to the 101’s width, flats are less likely to occur and lateral stiffness is improved.

The advanced 101 makes use of Zipp’s 88/188 hubs made from Z310.0 alloy which also allows bearing adjustment. Spokes are Sapim CX-Rays, 18 front and 20 rear with oversized 17mm axles. The 101 weighs 1523g per wheelset and is available in 700c clincher only. Retail price is £1,100 per pair.

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WTB Stryker 29er Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   WTB Stryker 29er Wheelset

wtb stryker 29er wheelset 200x300   WTB Stryker 29er WheelsetWilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) introduces its latest wheelset named Stryker. The 29er wheel is also offered in 26 inch sizes. It features the “I-beam” rim extrusion and similar to its Laserdisc rim, it also has the “Unbendium Bulge”. It also uses the 4 Axis Drill technology which is doubly drilling the spoke holes to give it a rim/nipple interface and makes it more aligned to the hub flanges.

The rim is made of WT 69, a new aluminum alloy which can accommodate a thinner rim wall yet still maintains its strength. To shave 30% off its weight, the Stryker has triple butted, 2mm blade type spokes. It has 32 spokes on the rear hub with the front hub compatible with 9mm QR or 15OR. Spoke tension is estimated to be 120kgf and with a target weight of 1548 grams.

The WTB Stryker wheelset will have UST bead standard rim designs….

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Mavic Yksion K10 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mavic Yksion K10 Wheelset

mavic k10 wheelset 300x225   Mavic Yksion K10 WheelsetThe K10 is Mavic’s latest wheelset to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Mavic Ksyrium. This was the first wheelset from Mavic which was used with aerodynamic spokes. The K10 wheelset includes tires and inner tubes and wheel weights for the Yksion. It has no skewers and weighs 638/832 grams for front/rear without tires and tubes.

The tire weighs 225 grams each and uses a dual compound tread called GripLINK. This allows for a strong and steady grip on the road, especially when you are speeding up or turning on a sharp corner. The K10 guarantees a smooth ride with sturdy, stiff yet light tires, reinforced with technology like ISM 3D with rims and Isopulse spoke lacing.

Topping at 2100 grams with tires and tubes, the Mavic K10 wheelset retails at $1,400.00.

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Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular – Clincher Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular   Clincher Wheelset

shimano dura ace 2011 carbon tubular clincher wheelset   Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular   Clincher Wheelset

New from Shimano under the Dura Ace line is the C35 carbon alloy clincher wheelset for 2011. You may have spotted the wheelsets on various professional cyclists bikes, and recently was given a passing grade for quality control testing, and can be purchased soon.

The Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular Clincher C35 Wheelset are lighter than the C50 by 75 grams, but still feature the aerodynamics of its counterpart plus are said to be faster. Quality is present due to high modulus carbon construction and assembled by hand in the Shimano factory. Shimano also took it a step further by giving each wheelset a control number so you can track it back to the builder. Release date is slated for December 2010, with the C35 Tubular retailing at $2499.99, and the C35 Clincher at $1999.99.

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Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

eightinch amelia wheelset restock   Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

When Eightinch released the Amelia wheelset, they sold out pretty fast, but those that missed out have another chance to purchase with Eightinch announcing a restock. Two of the best factors are the price which is $99 for the set, and colors that are available in purple, lime green, orange, black, white and silver. Unfortunately, white, black and silver are already sold out. Stop by to grab your wheelset.

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Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel Set

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel Set

specialized roval rapide sl45 road wheel set   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel SetTalk about wheel sets that can grab attention; the Specialized Roval Rapide SL 45 gives you another stunning new appeal. Bright red bladed spokes, hubs and speedy looking with a 45 mm deep aluminum and carbon rims, this wheel set tops them all.

Luckily, how this wheel set look is also great with their on-the road performance. The aerodynamic carbon cap performs a really good job when it comes to reducing and holding speed. The lateral stiffness is also great taking account on the wide sets of spokes that was designed. The DT Swiss star rachet freehub internal is also reliable when it comes to transferring power.

Because it has a machined alloy, speed is easy to control. The alloy helps in breaking surfaces and also providing strong, predictable bites. This is important when you are on sloped areas along the mountain sides or descending downwards. The durability of…

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Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher

zipp 404 carbon clincher   Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher

The Zipp 404 Carbon Clincher is the first all-carbon wheel set from the company. This newly developed rim set was originally patterned from Firecrest. Zipp designed this new wheel set to deliver a 1557g wheel set with a 58mm rim. The full profile has a high radius curve that can be adjusted to the width of the rim from 25.5mm to a 27.5mm braking track which is also its widest point.

Spending two years on creating this product, Zipp Technical Director Josh Poertner claimed this to be something that people are looking forward to. So far this is also one of the biggest leap they had even taken this year.

The Carbon Clincher is wider and has a less tapered shape that its tubular 404 which gives a great improvement on the aerodynamics of the rear wheel. This is also stiffer than the regular ones thanks to the extra width in the…

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