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2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

2011 wtb bronson tires and stryker wheels 285x300   2011 WTB Bronson Tires and Stryker Wheels

WTB introduces its Bronson tires for 2011 for all-mountain riding. The Bronson tire was built around WTB’s TCS bead. Coming out with the 2011 Stryker wheels, the Bronson tire comes in three sizes 2.1″ and 2.3″ for 26″ wheels and 2.2″ for 29ers.

Jason Moeschler of WTB says, “Instead of having to use ridiculously sticky rubber for traction, we opted to design a better tread pattern. This allows us to use a firm, durable compound, greatly improving tire life.”

The tread pattern of the tires are widely spaced U-shaped knobs that can cover a larger area and allows shedding of the mud easily. For race tires, the Bronson retails for $55. As for tubeless, retail price is $65.

WTB also launches its Stryker Wheels ,which uses 7000-series aluminum rims. It also features triple-butted WTB spokes and WTB hubset. The wheels weighs 1465 grams. It will be available in November.

The WTB Stryker Wheels…

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2011 Mavic SSC Line

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic SSC Line

2011 mavic ssc line   2011 Mavic SSC Line

Mavic reveals its Special Service Course line for 2011. The SSC Line is made up of the Cosmic Carbone 80, Cosmic Carbone SLR, R-Sys SLR and the Ksyrium SLR. The SSC line was intended for Mavic’s high-end wheels. Mavic has a new rim treatment called Exalith which gives the rim a wear-proof finish and will require a special brake compound.

The R-Sys SLR is designed to cater sportive and gran fondo riders. It features redesigned spokes with multi-directional fiber. It also has new Exalith rims for the front and rear. It is available in tubular or clincher versions. The R-Sys SLR tubular weighs 1955 grams and retails at $2080. The clincher version weighs 1994 grams and is priced at $2000.

The Ksyrium SLR also comes in clincher or tubular versions. It also uses Exalith rims. The clincher version retails at $1800 while the tubular version has a tag price of $1880.


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Rolf Prima P-Town Commuting Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rolf Prima P Town Commuting Wheels

rolf prima p town commuting wheels   Rolf Prima P Town Commuting Wheels

Rolf Prima releases a new wheelset focusing on the commuter, they are called the P-Town. Using 16 spokes on the rear, and 14 spokes on the front, both have a combined weight of 1,640 grams.

Two Rolf Prima P-Town wheelset packages are available, one is your basic P-Town wheels ($699), and the other comes with a White Industries ENO hub ($749). The hub is a great addition for those taking a vintage road bike and converting it to a single speed or fixed gear.

Your choice in 120mm or 130mm, but the White Industries ENO Eccentric hub is only available in 130mm. With every purchase you will also receive rim tape and CNC’d frame bolts.

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Gran Royale Lurker 700c Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gran Royale Lurker 700c Wheels

gran royal lurker 700c wheels   Gran Royale Lurker 700c Wheels

Eastern Bikes sub brand Gran Royale, known for their fixed gear bikes and components has just released a new set of 700c wheels known as the Lurker. The Gran Royale Lurker 700c Wheels utilize a double wall alloy rim, welded seams, 36 laced spokes, precision bearings, and high flange hubs.

Gran Royale Lurker wheels are flip flop, meaning they can run a fixed cog or freewheel. Upon purchasing, you will receive a 16t cog and freewheel. Using a quality nylon strip on the front and rear rim, you can also choose from the following colors: gold, grey, red, black, and purple. Retail for the front rim is $119.95, and the back will run you $129.95.

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Ritchey 2011 SuperLogic Wheels and new Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ritchey 2011 SuperLogic Wheels and new Handlebars

ritchey 2011 superlogic wheels and new bars 1 174x300   Ritchey 2011 SuperLogic Wheels and new HandlebarsRitchey introduces their new lightweight road wheelset and announces the release of two new bar designs.

At the top of the line among Ritchey’s collection are the Superlogic wheels which have a 46mm deep aero rims with glass-reinforced Scrim sidewalls. The design prevents rim malformation and durable enough for prolonged use of the brake. The Superlogic wheels come in both tubular and clincher models. The tubular weighs 1,170g while the clincher weighs at 1,390g with a price tag of £2,166 a pair.

Ritchey Superlogics used the new SKF bearings for its hubs. A forged six-pawl micro-clutch freehub body is at the rear to facilitate quick engagement of the cranks round. Shimano/SRAM and Campag models are available.

Sapim CX Ray Aero Stainless steel spokes (20 up front, 24 at rear) laced the hoops and are secured in place by the new Richey WCS quick release skewers which are machined cams and redesigned…

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Mad Fiber Full Carbon Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mad Fiber Full Carbon Wheelset

mad fiber full carbon wheelset   Mad Fiber Full Carbon Wheelset

Rolled out at the Tour of California, and getting ready to run into production is the Mad Fiber Full Carbon Wheelset. Weighing in at 1085 grams a set, the Mad Fiber full carbon fiber wheels are the first production, and Ric Hjertberg has returned as the companies president to wheel manufacturing.

The front Mad Fiber carbon wheel utilizes a carbon shelled hub, while using a alloy axle, giving the wheel a unique look. Taking the wheels in a different direction, Mad Fiber took the carbon spokes and bonded to the hub and rim. This technique made sure high levels of stress was eliminated compared to drilling or molding. Another feature is the creation of spoke tension, first the spokes are bonded to the rim and flanges, then the flanges are pushed to the edge of the hub, which pushes the spokes, creating tension. Mad Fiber Full…

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American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular Wheels

American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular Wheels 300x200   American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular WheelsAmerican Classic comes out with the Carbon 38 Tubular wheels for road and triathlon. With a goal to keep the wheels light but strong, American Classic built it with carbon 38mm tubular rims. The v profile in the middle of the rims are to get more aerodynamic advantage when doing jumps, sharp climbs and sprints. It is also stiff and dependable for crosswinds and brakes.

Proven to be an asset during crits and time trials, the Carbon 38 Tubular has AC Bladed Spokes and AC Aluminum silver nipples. A pair weighs 1242 grams with the front weighing 512 grams and the rear 730 grams. The front hubs are Micro 58 100mm and RD 205 130mm for the rear. Powertap hub is optional.

Rear spline may be Shimano/SRAM 9/10 or Campagnolo 9/10/11 cassettes. Ideal with Carbon specific brake pads, extras which you may add include ceramic bearings, Titanium QR’s, wheel bags and Sapim…

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