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Enve 29er Rims

2011 enve 29er rims   Enve 29er Rims

With aUniversal Standard for Tubeless (UST) certification, Enve Composites has proudly launched their new big-wheel XC rims this 2011. Enve offers great reasons to go 29er while more and more cyclists are choosing to go tubeless on mountain bikes.

This is why the XC Clinchers were also made tubeless, compatible by Enve, which takes pride in its record as the first to launch a full line of carbon clinchers particularly designed for dirt use. Also, weight is not compromised as a progression of structural modifications boosts strength and stiffness.

Thanks to the Molded Spoke Hole Technology and the goal of optimizing composites for all off-road riding and racing aspects, the 2011 Enve 29er Rims, which are available in 28 or 32 hole count, offer higher spoke tensions and more durable wheel builds.

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2011 Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech

2011 vittoria diamante pro tech1   2011 Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech

Get ready to ride in even the harshest weather with the new 2011 Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech wheels now made even stronger and better.

Made from 220 TPI Nylon plus casing, this tire set offers efficiency and world class performance while at the same time braving even the harshest elements.

Compared to high endurance tires that usually sacrifice weight, the new wheel set from Vittoria is definitely lighter at 220 grams. This set of wheels also sports aquagrip technology, which ensures that the wheels stick to the ground no matter how wet the ground is. Just don’t go biking on flooded areas.

The sidewalls are also given extra protection thanks to a polymer weave to help ensure safety and durability.

The Vittoria Diamante Pro Tech wheels are currently priced at $55.95 and available in most bike stores as well as online. …

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2011 Schwalbe Black Shark 26”x2.25” Casing

2011 schwalbe black shark 26x2.25 casing   2011 Schwalbe Black Shark 26”x2.25” Casing

In wire type and made of quality flexible material, the 2011 Schwalbe Black Shark Casing has a shield density of 50 EPI. Weighing in at approximately 820g or 29 oz., its casing is suitable for cross-country due to its aggressively designed rubber material and effectiveness in fending off puncture. Pressure is 2.0 to 4.0 Bar. The Schwalbe Black Shark casing comes in black, with utmost reliability.

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Corima Full Carbon Concept Wheels: The AERO + MCC and WINIUM + MCC

corima full carbon concept wheels the aero + mcc and winium + mcc   Corima Full Carbon Concept Wheels: The AERO + MCC and WINIUM + MCC

In full carbon concept wheels, spokes and hubs, which are all made of carbon and are all freshly made in France, the AERO + MCC and WINIUM + MCC wheelsets are the newest from Corima.

The AERO + MCC comes in a tubular wheelset version with a diameter of 700C and weighs 1080 grams per pair. It has a rim profile of 47mm and is made of 3K/12K carbon weave.

On the other hand, the WINIUM + MCC has a rim profile of 24mm and is made of 3K weave that also comes in a tubular version with a diameter of 700C as well. It weighs 980 grams per pair. Each come with 12 carbon spokes both front and rear wheel.

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Easton EC90 Aero 56mm Clincher

easton ec90 aero 56mm clincher   Easton EC90 Aero 56mm Clincher

Easton EC90 Aero 56mm clincher makes a debut with slippery aerodynamics and excellent braking power. The carbon clincher matches the performance of the traditional aluminum clincher at a lesser weight and more stiffness. The rims are 22mm wide and 56mm deep. Easton has the ThermaTec treatment applied on the braking surface of the EC90 Aero. Maximum limit of heat the clincher can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hand-laced and tuned to maintain an even spoke tension across each wheel, the spoke count for the 56mm clincher is 18 radial on the front and 20 radial non-drive side spokes, 2-cross drive side for the rear. Hubs are R4SL with ceramic type bearing. The EC90 Aero also features red alloy external nipples and Sapim CX Ray spokes.

A pair of Easton’s EC90 Aero 6mm clincher weighs 1658g and retails for $2000.

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2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

2011 reynolds rzr 46 rzr 46 team wheels   2011 Reynolds RZR 46, RZR 46 Team Wheels

Reynolds Cycling introduces the improved RZR 46 and RZR 46 Team wheels for 2011. Now available in a tubular versions, the RZR 46 features UD laminate from 57 Msi moduls carbon fiber and 110 Msi boron fiber. It has a 21.25mm rim with rim height of 46.5mm. The RZR 46 uses Reynolds’ patented Swirl Lip Generator that guides the air to get closer to the rim as it travels over its edges. This limits airflow separation from the tire.

The RZR 46 uses N.A.C.A. (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) 0033 spokes and a Torque Flange carbon fiber hub. It weighs 910 grams and has a rider weight limit of 180 lbs.

The RZR 46 Team has the same make as with the RZR 46 but with added kevlar on the rim and spokes, making it stiffer and stronger. This is also in compliance with UCI. Ultimately it prohibits the…

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2011 Rolf Prima TT85, TDF Wheels

2011 rolf prima wheels 2   2011 Rolf Prima TT85, TDF Wheels

Rolf Prima has not been known to make a lot of waves in the bike world, but it must not be taken for granted. Coming out in 2011 are the Rolf Prima TT85 and the TDF deep section carbon tubular wheels. These are made around 23mm wide and 85mm deep carbon rims carefully hand-laced with 12 spokes from front to rear for stiffness and aerodynamic performance. The two wheelsets are created on Rolf’s Tdf 4.4 hubset of titanium freehub body and quick releases, which maintains a much lighter weight. The TT85 weighs 1685gms and Tdf 85 weighs 1695gms each pair respectively. The two deep-section wheelsets have a cost price of $2200 per pair.

In addition to these new releases, Rolf Prima upgraded the Tdf 58 with 16 spokes to the front and 16 at the rear for added stiffness. To complete its expanded range of paired spokes for 2011, it…

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