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2013 Shimano MT68 Mountain Bike Wheels

2013 shimano mt68 mountain bike wheels   2013 Shimano MT68 Mountain Bike Wheels

A new mountain bike wheelset called MT68 will be offered by Shimano for 2013. The viagra lowest price front wheel of the wheelset weighs 910g and comes with a 15mm axle. Its rear wheel is a little heavier at 1050g and it has a 12mm quick release axle.

Both the front and rear wheels of the MT68 are set up only for Center Lock rotors. On the other hand, Shimano also offers a new SLX-level adaptor for this model. This will be very useful for those who want to go for six-bolt discs.

Designed with aggressive trail riders in mind, the 2013 Shimano MT68 Mountain Bike Wheels will come with 21mm-wide rims. Thus, the wheelset can accommodate tires that measure up to 2.5in and both its front and rear wheels use 24-butted spokes.
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2013 Shimano MT66 Race Mountain Bike Wheels

2013 shimano mt66 race mountain bike wheels   2013 Shimano MT66 Race Mountain Bike Wheels

One new SLX-level mountain bike wheelset for racers will be offered by Shimano for 2013. Designed with racers in mind, these tubeless ready wheels called MT66 come with UST-profile rims. Front and rear, the wheels use 24 straight-pull spokes.

Shimano claimed that the MT66 weighs in at 840g for the quick-release front wheel and 985g for the rear wheel without the skewers. At the front, the wheels have a 15mm E-Thru axle option and come with lime green or mono tone decals and in black or white, as well.

With a width of 19mm, the 2013 Shimano MT66 Race Mountain Bike Wheels can accommodate rubber measuring up to 2.25in. These innovative all-round cross-country wheels will be available both in a 26in and in 29in spec.

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2012 Zipp 303 Firecrest Front and Rear Tubular Wheels

2012 zipp 303 firecrest front and rear tubular wheels   2012 Zipp 303 Firecrest Front and Rear Tubular Wheels

One of the leading front and rear tubular bike wheels for 2012 is the redesigned 303 Firecrest from Zipp. Crafted with a 27.5mm-wide rim profile, the 303 Firecrest is amazingly tough. Moreover, by flexing, these wheels absorb bumps effectively.

Though already outstanding, the impact resistance of the Carbon Bridge technology used by Zipp on these wheels is even further enhanced. Also, it makes radial compliance very comfortable and lenient. Its wide rim tackles accelerations, sprinting, and cornering with an increased lateral stiffness.

Weighing in at only 1171g per wheelset, the 2012 Zipp 303 Firecrest Front and Rear Tubular Wheels are incredibly lightweight. Even when compared to the climbing wheels that compromise aerodynamics, durability, and ride quality to reduce weight, the 303 Firecrest is still lighter.

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2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels

2012 campagnolo eurus road bike wheels   2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels

Along with the Shamal Ultra, one of the two wheelsets updated by Campagnolo for 2012 is the Eurus. The new Eurus road bike wheels will be available in clincher and two-way fit versions, which are both highlighted with the new black and white graphics from Campagnolo.

On the rear wheel, the Eurus features an oversized drive side flange, just like the Shamal Ultra. Through this, both the responsiveness of the wheels as well as the overall bike performance are improved. Both models use Mega G3 geometry for optimum spoke tension and more durability.

Featuring aluminum hub bodies, the 2012 Campagnolo Eurus Road Bike Wheels offer an enhanced stiffness. Moreover, its steel ball bearings ensure an enduring performance and are easier to maintain and more adjustable, thanks to its cup and cone system.

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2012 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Wheels

2012 campagnolo shamal ultra wheels   2012 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Wheels

Campagnolo has introduced its 2012 range of medium-profile wheels, one of which is the Shamal Ultra. Aside from their higher level of reactivity and performance, the wheels feature innovative technologies to achieve the key features of road bike wheels, including stiffness, light weight, and aerodynamics.

Equipped with carbon-aluminum hub bodies, the new Shamal Ultra wheels offer optimum stiffness and weight. The USB ceramic bearings within the hub increased smoothness while decreasing friction. Along with the clincher and tubular versions is an exclusive Campagnolo two-way fit mode.

Weights on the 2012 Campagnolo Shamal Ultra Wheels are the same as the earlier versions. The combined weight of both the clincher and tubular versions is 1,425g. Weighing in at 1,440g, the two-way fit model is a little heavier and it is compatible with either clinchers or tubulars.

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2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels

2012 campagnolo bullet carbon wheels   2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels

Campagnolo has produced one of the leading high-profile carbon wheels for 2012 called Bullet. Not only does it look great in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, the wheels offer excellent performance, practicality, responsiveness, and aerodynamics as well as light weight.

To allow the rider to look for the best wheel that matches their specific requirements, the wheels are available in an extensive range called Bullet Ultra. While the Bullet is available in 50mm and 80mm heights and in one color, the Bullet Ultra offers an extra extreme 105mm height and in two colors.

First-rate in many aspects, the 2012 Campagnolo Bullet Carbon Wheels are considered a standard in its category. Released as an ultra two-way fit version with an aluminum braking track, the Bullet is the first aluminum/carbon wheel intended for tubeless clinchers.

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2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc

2011 zipp sub 9 disc   2011 Zipp Sub 9 Disc

With its amazing aerodynamic features, the 2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc takes pride in its professional competitiveness. In fact, while it features a wind angle of 12 to 18 degrees, the Zipp Sub-9 was paired with Zipp’s 21mm Tangente tire making it the first wheel ever to create forward lift.

Zipp was able to achieve this by incorporating a toroidal bulge that is similar to their 1080 and 808 spoked wheels around the edge of the disc. By doing this, the airflow at the wheel’s leading and trailing edges is controlled, resulting in an enhanced aero performance.

Moreover, through the vertical compliance of the bulge, the Sub-9 disc is glued to the road when cornering. This results to a comfortable ride making it the ideal for long-course triathletes. With the 2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc, Zipp shifted from reducing drag to exploiting momentum.

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