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2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel

2011 hed jet disc wheel   2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel

First offered in 1987, the original Jet disc is updated for 2011 as the HED Jet Disc Wheel. Retaining the same basic construction and design, new knowledge accumulated through the years will be added to the HED. With the Jet Disc that features excellent aerodynamics, a hybrid construction is used.

Available in tubular or clincher, the HED’s C2 aluminum rim minimizes two Cs- aerodynamic resistance (Cda) and rolling resistance (Crr). The rim’s width enhanced the efficiency of air passing over the tire and the contact patch and support for the tire.

While nicely innovated, the 2011 HED Jet Disc Wheel still offers the reliable features the original version had. The wheel features a valve extender steel-shafted and a HED quick-release skewer. Fitting perfectly in the opening is the tested Silca crack pipe disc wheel adapter.

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Easton’s New Haven Line

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eastons New Haven Line

eastons new haven line   Eastons New Haven Line

Releasing its new collection, the brand Easton has added to its Haven line a new set of handlebars, stems and seat posts to go along with the all-mountain alloy and carbon wheel set that they had released previously.

The Haven bar, which is both offered in carbon and alloy versions are almost the same with their 71mm width, 20mm rise and 9-degree back sweep. They also added the new haven carbon bar that is a cross-country light which is about 170g but at an affordable price. Besides the bars, they also added their Taper Wall butting and shaping technology that keeps the aluminum version at 265g all in two colors.

Also, available soon to their product is the matching machined and forged aluminum stem with a large 40mm diameter extension and a handlebar clamp that resists torsional flex. The upcoming handlebar will also have Easton’s Top-lock faceplate design which is…

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The Copenhagen Wheel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Copenhagen Wheel

the copenhagen wheel   The Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhage Wheel is a prototype bicycle wheel designed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the famous MIT. It basically turns any bicycle into hybrid, self-powered bike. The wheel was unveiled in the Danish capital Copenhagen, coinciding with the UN conference on climate change. The wheel utilizes technology similar to that of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) used by Formula One cars. MIT’s SENSEable City Lab director Carlo Ratti explains how the wheel works: “When you brake, your kinetic energy is recuperated by an electric motor and then stored by batteries within the wheel, so that you can have it back when you need it. The bike wheel contains all you need so that no sensors or additional electronics need to be added to the frame and an existing bike can be retrofitted with the blink of en eye. In a…

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