ceramicspeed mavic 1 wheel bearings   CeramicSpeed Mavic 1 Wheel Bearings

Aside from decreased friction and weight, the CeramicSpeed Mavic 1 Wheel Bearings also features better longevity as compared to standard steel bearings. This is why the HTC-Highroad team uses these ceramic bearings.

For riders who have a race bike that has been tuned to perfection in all of its parts, an upgrade with CeramicSpeed Mavic 1 Wheel Bearings will be the best way to save each last bit of performance. However, the question is whether these wheel bearings work well for the average rider or not.

The cost of this bearings upgrade does not seem to be a wise investment for the average rider. In terms of weight, the gains appear to be less significant with 64g total weight of the five removed bearings and the ceramics that weighs in at 50….

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