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Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa

elite nature bottle super corsa 300x300   Elite Nature Bottle Super CorsaElite introduces a fully biodegradable water bottle that can decompose within a year when left in the compost pit or dump. The Nature Bottle is an earth-friendly accessory for the green cyclist. This is due to the bottle’s composition, which is food-grade polyethylene and thermoplastic rubber.

The materials are all recyclable. Should you dispose of the bottle accidentally, the microorganisms present in its surroundings will attack the bottle’s polymer chain and in the process, it will give off water and carbon dioxide.

In normal use, the bottle is functional as it is environmental-friendly. Cervelo team riders used the Nature Bottle at the Giro d’Itala 2010. It is BPA (Bisphenol A) free and comes in 500ml and 750ml sizes. For the 750ml Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa, it costs only $8.97….

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Polar Bottles Revamped

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polar bottles revampe   Polar Bottles Revamped

The consumer feedback that Product Architects, Inc received led them to make some modifications on its Polar Bottle. Its latest design reduces the inner plastic layer by 13% and the outer layer by 15%. In doing this, the product features a better shape for easy grip and hold.

Judy Amabile, President of Product Architects, explains the company’s decision for the changes. “Outstanding customer service is very important to us. So when people said our bottles could be easier to squeeze, we listened and made these design enhancements. I’m pleased to say that we took a great product and made it even better.”

The insulating power of the Polar Bottle remains unchanged by the new shape. The Polar Bottle also fits in standard water bottle cages and is BPA and Phthalate-free. It comes in eight graphic designs (platinum, big bear, gizmo, liquid motion, techno tiles, rose, manga bear and rave) and can hold…

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Win a Bike Ride with Lance Armstrong – Clear2go Water Bottles

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win bike ride lance armstrong clear2go water bottles   Win a Bike Ride with Lance Armstrong   Clear2go Water Bottles

Maybe your life long dream is to ride with Lance Armstrong, or you just really would enjoy chatting with one of the greatest cyclists while biking. Clear2go Water Bottles has announced their contest for an individual to win a ride with Lance Armstrong. If your wondering what you will exactly win, well Clear2go will hook you up with a Trek bike, 3 day, 2 night trip for two to Austin Texas, this is where you will ride with Lance Armstrong, but your guest will have to find other plans. You will need to visit the Ride With Lance Sweepstakes Facebook page or Twitter to enter, you can only enter once unless you take part in the photo flashes on Facebook….

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