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2011 Camelbak Podium Big Chill 25oz Water Bottle

2011 camelbak podium big chill 25oz water bottle   2011 Camelbak Podium Big Chill 25oz Water Bottle

Unique for its convenient diaphragm valve is the 2011 Camelbak Podium Big Chill 25oz Water Bottle. When the bottle top is in the open position, the diaphragm valve allows the rider to drink by squeezing the bottle without having to close it after.

Unlike other polyethylene water bottles, the Camelbak is all polypropylene, which is less reactive so the plastic taste is reduced also with the help of Hydroguard. Though polypropylene, the water bottle is as soft as polyethylene bottles, thanks to the Podium feature.

The 25oz capacity is a Big chill feature, which offers more hydration for longer rides. Along with the self-sealing Jet-valve podium cap, the Camelbak Podium Big Chill water bottle also features double-wall construction with thermal insulation.

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2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle

2011 italia corsa water bottle 233x300   2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle

Elite celebrates with Italy on its 150th birthday by releasing the 2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle. Featuring improved graphics of the Italian flag, the special-edition water bottle will be used by sponsored Elite teams during all the 2011 season races.

As an Italia company, Elite is proud to present the sincere tribute of the Italian color to the whole world. Italia Corsa, a 100% biodegradable water bottle, is for riders who are environment lovers as well.

Conforming to UCI guidelines, the water bottle features two types of openings, a screw top or pull top. The top screws are similar to that of a typical water bottle. What makes it different is the safety valve, made from thermo-plastic rubber, which allows the liquid out if a bike wheel accidentally hits it.

The 2011 Italia Corsa is BPA free just like all Elite water bottles. Users’ health is guaranteed because it…

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Elite Deboyo Thermal Water Bottle 2011

elite deboyo thermal water bottle 2011   Elite Deboyo Thermal Water Bottle 2011

Elite introduces its Deboyo thermal water bottle, which will be on sale in March, 2011.

Made from Inox steel with Vacuum Technology, this new water bottle provides convenient hydration to cyclists on a long, sweaty ride. The Deboyo thermal water bottle 2011 features two containers welded together allowing no air, increasing thermal isolation.

This innovative water bottle can guarantee thermal performance. It can keep liquids hot or cold for a half-day ride or even longer. The 300g Deboyo has a 74mm external diameter with two tops. Its cycling top provides riders great convenience with a protective cap, a push-pull valve and a twist opening. The protective cap is for increased hygiene, the push-pull valve for easy opening and closing and the twist opening for easy cleaning and filling.

More suited for for leisure activities, the one-piece steel top makes sure that the seal is impeccable….

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Specialized 21oz. Virtue Aero Water Bottle

specialized 21 oz virtue aero water bottle   Specialized 21oz. Virtue Aero Water Bottle

Yes, its true – even water bottles these days can be aerodynamic! Its wedge shape and slim size help to make the Specialized 21oz. Virtue Aero Water Bottle more aerodynamic looking, although we’re not really sure if it would really help you go faster. It features a leak-free nozzle so you drink most of your water instead of spilling it. Its lightweight, 21oz design is ideal for endurance cyclists, when weight really becomes an issue. It even features dual position mounting so you have a choice of where to put it. You can purchase the Specialized 21oz. Virtue Aero Water Bottle at the Specialized online shop for $20….

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