pinit fg en rect gray 20   Walz Eco Friendly Cycling Caps

walz eco friendly cycling caps 1 300x216   Walz Eco Friendly Cycling Caps

Walz Caps are known for there comfort and style. As an advocate for the environment, Walz Caps developed its Eco-Friendly line of cycling caps. The materials and fabrics used in making those caps were hemp, organic cotton and wool.

There are two models to choose from that feature moisture wicking bands. The cycling caps have an elastic band at the back of the cap for a snug fit, and a soft and versatile flexible bill liner.

The Eco-Friendly cycling caps come in two sizes: 21 1/4″-23 1/2″ (S/M) and for 23 1/2″-25″ (L/XL). Retail price is $24.99 for the grey cycling cap made from hemp and organic cotton, and $29.99 for the hemp wool cycling cap in colors of black or olive green.

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