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Genesis Track One Fixed Gear at Walmart

genesis track one fixed gear walmart   Genesis Track One Fixed Gear at Walmart

Walmart is at it again with another fixed gear bike, this time by Genesis. First, the Mongoose fixed gear hit the internet with different opinions from cyclists, and now Genesis rolls out the Track One. The Genesis Track One fixed gear retails for $149, the exact same price as the Mongoose.

First glance at the Genesis Track One, you can see a kickstand, which not too many fixies have, but uses a flip flop hub, steel frame, front and back brakes, and alloy wheels. Lastly, a simple colorway suits the Genesis Track One nicely, which is black, red, and cream.

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Mongoose Cachet 700c Fixed Gear Single Speed at Walmart

mongoose cachet 700c fixed gear single speed walmart   Mongoose Cachet 700c Fixed Gear Single Speed at Walmart

The underground world of riding fixed gear has truly surfaced in the past years due to media, and now some might say it has hit rock bottom due to the new Mongoose Cachet 700c fixed gear single speed. Yes it gets worse, the Mongoose fixed gear is available at Walmart, so you can grab some toothpaste and a fixed. Although we are sure two different opinions might come from this, being able to grab a affordable single speed bike is a positive, but Walamrt is down looked upon cyclists. Retail price is $149.

Source: Prollyisnotprobably

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Road Bikes Being Sold at Walmart

road bikes being sold walmart   Road Bikes Being Sold at Walmart

I am sure all of us made a trip to Walmart to pick up maybe paper towels, tooth brush or a video, and sure you may go to the bike section to check out what they have which you will more than likely only see mountain bikes, hybrids and kids bikes. One thing is for sure, we at Bike Reviews have never seen a road bike being sold at Walmart, but with the popularity growing with road cyclists, we have found out Walmart carries road bikes. Although the road bikes for sale are online, this will probably lead to local retail stores carrying the various brands. So far, Walmart online carries Schwinn, GMC, Corsa, Victory, and Kent with most of the bikes containing a affordable price.

Sadly, most Walmart bikes come with problems, mostly due to the in store technicians, but since you can purchase…

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