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2011 Wabi Lightning

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wabi Lightning

2011 wabi lightning   2011 Wabi Lightning

Wabi Cycles has upgraded some fixed gear bicycles for 2011, one which is the Lightning. Like the other upgraded Wabi bikes, this scandium tubed fixed gear bike also received a new more lightweight stem along with a second set of bottle bosses on the seat tube.

Bull horns have replaced the standard drop bars, but are still offered as an option. For a ride that guarantees both speed and comfort, the bike features a frame design that is specially inspired by road racing. It can be customized for proper fit and gearing as well.

While the good-looking dreamcicle paint is maintained, a gloss pearl black replaced the ano matte black. The upgraded 14.1 lbs 2011 Wabi Lightning bike that comes in a 42cm frame size best fits riders who stands 4′ 9″ to 5′ 3”. The 55cm frame weighs 15.1 lbs.

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2011 Wabi Classic Steel Fixie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Wabi Classic Steel Fixie

2011 wabi classic steel fixie   2011 Wabi Classic Steel Fixie

Wabi Cycles has updated its steel fixie called The Classic for 2011. Weighing in at 19lbs, this steel bike combines the advantages of being classic and having a lighter weight. This is achieved through an outstanding component group, great updates, and the hand built tig-welded Reynolds 725 frame.

Along with the frame comes road-inspired geometry. At the drop outs, rack and fender mounts were discreetly placed on the inside of the fork blades and seat stays. Moreover, the bike has a new lighter stem and was modified to accept fatter tires, up to 32mm wide.

Aside from the updated traditional headset to a press fit version, a second set of bottle bosses on the seat tube were added for more efficient hydration. Modified with excellent updates and upgrades, the 2011 Wabi Classis Steel Fixie is a beautiful modern bike.

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