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Volume Cutter V5 2010 Frame

volume cutter v5 2010 frame   Volume Cutter V5 2010 Frame

Volume adds the Cutter V5 2010 frame to the lineup, which is a sturdy fixed gear frame using BMX toughness. Originally started as a sample for the Volume employees is now one of the most sought after trick frame. New on the Volume Cutter V5 2010 Frame is longer dropout slots, VBC speaker stamped caps, ST-Clamp, hour glass ht with VBC speaker cut out, and new stickers plus colorways. Top tube measures 19.9, 21.7, and 22.8 inches, 74 degree head tube and seat tube, 700c wheel size, and 1-1/8 threadless headset. Frame sizes available are 50, 53, 56, and 59cm. Your choice of flat black, light blue, or metallic brown. Forks are sold separately, and Volume is taking pre-orders now.

Source: PedalConsumption

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Volume Thrasher 2010 Fixed Gear Frame

volume thrasher 2010 fixed gear frame   Volume Thrasher 2010 Fixed Gear Frame

The rumors can now cease of Volume releasing a new fixed gear frame for 2010, the model is called the Thrasher. Although we only have a small preview, the excitement is boiling for many. Pictured is a sample version of the Volume Thrasher 2010 Fixed Gear Frame, and testing them are Mosher, Congo, Puckett, and Fonseca. One of the main goals achieved on the Volume Thrasher 2010 is more tire clearance, and remove the tire overlap. Production date is still far away, so Volume is leaking information a little at a time.

Source: Tricktrack

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