pinit fg en rect gray 20   Volume Thrasher Fixed Gear Frame

volume thrasher fixed gear frame   Volume Thrasher Fixed Gear FrameBy adding the Volume Thrasher to its fixed gear frame line, the makers of the Cutter, Volume Bikes, will attempt to satisfy the markets growing demand for a fixed gear bike with enough tire clearance for better tricks.

The Volume Thrasher will differ from the Cutter’s design by purging the tire overlap and tire contact with the ST. It will continue the slammed rear wheel, however.

Not picked up my the camera is a pretty gold flake over black color scheme. As seen, the Thrasher is covered in yellow Volume decals, which goes against today’s popular trend. Most riders usually seek their own stickers for a personal touch or prefer a bike naked from all decals.

We’ll have more info on this frame, which is still far from production, as it becomes available….

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