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Volkswagen VW Bik.e

Volkswagen reveals its first e-bike at the Auto China 2010 last April 23-27, 2010. Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, the chief Development and Research for V-Dub, himself rode the VW bike on stage. It is a work of art as it is a mini bicycle with no pedals.

The VW bik.e is a part of the company’s “Think Blue” campaign which is sustainable ecological mobility. It is a remarkable battery powered device. It is also portable enough to be folded into the tire compartment of a car. It functions mainly as a vehicle support for your car although it is great for a relaxing ride.

There have been rumors up to this date that plans of putting out the VW bik.e commercially available to the public are highly probable. It has a 20 km range (12.5 miles) enough to get you to your destination if the situation demands. With its official 20 kph top…

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Danny Macaskill Volkswagen Commercial

Danny Macaskill a stunt mountain biker has a new commercial with Volkswagen. In this commercial, Danny performs amazing stunts throughout the city, and even rips it up at a skate park. When he is ready to leave, Macaskill hopes in a Volkswagen, and is frighten by a small bee. Pretty funny for a guy that is so talented and seems to be afraid of nothing. Sadly, news has been going around that Danny broke his collarbone and will be out for 8 weeks. You might think he was doing an abnormal stunt, but it is said that he tripped in the street.

Source: Cyclelicio

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