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2012 Vitus Sean Kelly Signature Edition Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Vitus Sean Kelly Signature Edition Road Bike

2012 vitus sean kelly signature edition road bike   2012 Vitus Sean Kelly Signature Edition Road Bike
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For 2012, Vitus Bikes pays tribute again to its most successful rider, Sean Kelly, by relaunching the signature road bike named after him. Riding outstanding bikes ingenuously crafted by Vitus, Sean Kelly is known as one of the best classic riders ever.

Built from a monocoque carbon material, the Sean Kelly Signature Edition is a flagship road bike created by Vitus Bikes to offer serious racers the best performance possible. Moreover, this road bike can last for years without compromising its topnotch quality.

With its namesake’s numerous Tour de France wins, the 2012 Vitus Sean Kelly Signature Edition Road Bike is expected to bring more riders to championship. This road bike is a perfect example of a machine with a name and a high quality.


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2012 Vitus Venon Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Vitus Venon Road Bike

2012 vitus venon road bike   2012 Vitus Venon Road Bike
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For road bike riders who want to be different, the new Venon from Vitus Bikes is an excellent choice. Built from a unique frame, this road bike allows riders to stand out in terms of speed, performance, and riding experience, in general.

The sloping geometry of the Venon is perfect for long-distance rides on the road. This makes this road bike the ideal companion for aspiring racers who are aiming for an award-winning performance. What is more, this road bike is affordable.

Weighing in at 950g, the high-modulus carbon fiber frame of the 2012 Vitus Venon Road Bike is incredibly lightweight but strong. Thus, this high-quality frame, which is custom-molded and unidirectional, makes the ride both responsive and comfortable.


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2011 Vitus Zircon 0.1 Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Vitus Zircon 0.1 Mountain Bike

2011 vitus zircon 0 1 mountain bike   2011 Vitus Zircon 0.1 Mountain Bike

For riders who are looking for an outstanding mountain bike this year, the Vitus Zircon 0.1 might be the answer. Mountain bike lovers choose Vitus Zircon 0.1 for its matchless quality, excellent performance and best price.

Very versatile, this hardtail mountain bike tackles tough trails, including singletrack descents, marathon events, and club XC races. As a super-alloy, the bike can perform at a level higher than several simple alloy hardtails.

Without compromising its strength, a zirconium alloy in the aluminum composition, made the tubing thinner and lighter. Lightweight, the 2011 Vitus Zircon 0.1 Mountain Bike features a two-ring chainset, a gear ratio exclusively made for off-road riding, and less demanding shifting in unfavorable conditions.

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2011 Vitus Vee-1

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Vitus Vee 1

2011 vitus vee 1   2011 Vitus Vee 1

The new MTB from Vitus, dubbed the “2011 Vitus VEE-1″, not only looks good, it also performs really well.

According to the bike producer Vitus, the new Vee-1 was built specifically as a simple yet tough city bike that can definitely deliver the necessary output for any type of street condition.

The Vee-1 is made out of an aluminum frame together with durable forks focusing specifically on strength, reliability and lightness. It also sports wheels made out of alloy as well as slick tires that help in giving comfort and boosted speed. It has v-brakes that can help in braking.

Another great thing about the new Vitus bike is the fact that it keeps everything simple thanks to the single-speed gear ration that the bike keeps. No need to tune the gears, simply get on the bike and ride the mean urban streets.

Overall, the new 2011 Vitus Vee-1 is definitely the…

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