pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Vitus Vee 1

2011 vitus vee 1   2011 Vitus Vee 1

The new MTB from Vitus, dubbed the “2011 Vitus VEE-1″, not only looks good, it also performs really well.

According to the bike producer Vitus, the new Vee-1 was built specifically as a simple yet tough city bike that can definitely deliver the necessary output for any type of street condition.

The Vee-1 is made out of an aluminum frame together with durable forks focusing specifically on strength, reliability and lightness. It also sports wheels made out of alloy as well as slick tires that help in giving comfort and boosted speed. It has v-brakes that can help in braking.

Another great thing about the new Vitus bike is the fact that it keeps everything simple thanks to the single-speed gear ration that the bike keeps. No need to tune the gears, simply get on the bike and ride the mean urban streets.

Overall, the new 2011 Vitus Vee-1 is definitely the…

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