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2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike

2012 blank vision bmx bike   2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike

Built from a high-class hi-ten frame, all the BMX bikes in the new range released by Blank Bikes for 2012 guarantee a reliable quality. These BMX bikes feature Blank Stencil one-piece seat and post combo and 1 1/8in Ahead Gyro. One of the models in this 2012 BMX range is the Vision.

While the Vision is not as popular as the other models in the 2012 Blank BMX bikes range, it features the same parts that offer high quality. These first-rate parts include 20.5in top tube, Alloy U-Brakes, Blank Compact 55mm front loaded stem, and Blank Compound forks and 7.75in bars.
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The 2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike can be considered the competition underdog but its great quality and performance must not be underestimated. For riders who have been in the BMX scene and are looking for a new bike to handle their increasing riding requirements, this…

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2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset

2011 fsa vision trimax t42 wheelset   2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset

Neat, tight, and easy-handling, the Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset consists of semi-aero mid-section wheels from FSA for 2011. While the 42mm section rim does not cut up the wind and deeper sets, it is less prone to be blustered in windier conditions.

While it weighs 1.7kg/pr, which is average, these wheels climb better than deeper wheels do and they also light up effortlessly under power. This is because there is less in the rims. Very tight and precise overall feel and consistent braking are achieved through the hand-built straight-pull bladed spoke build.

When it comes to bike suitability, course profile, and wind conditions, the 2011 FSA Vision Trimax T42 Wheelset has better versatility as compared to most deeper section wheels. Other excellent features are long-term smoothness, high quality quick-release, and tire covers.

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Vision Base Bars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vision Base Bars

vision base bars   Vision Base Bars

After coming to a conclusion last year by the UCI to enforce its “3:1” regulation concerning the ration of chord lengths of any cycle component of non-circular aerodynamic cross section, the company Vision, a specialist on aerohandlebars, has created its two new bar designs to meet with the regulation as well as to offer improved ergonomics together with internal brake cable routing.

The new Vision Base bars are both made in aluminum and carbon. These are both available in the middle of June in UK. These bars have a 31,8mm diameter center bulge that extends sideways to accommodate the clip-on tribar clamps and adding to their bar feature is a zero -degree flat wing profile.

The Vision bars is not a problem when it comes to its weight. These bars only weigh at about 207g which makes it even great. The Carbon OS base bars has a 3K twill…

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Vision UCI Compliant Base Bars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vision UCI Compliant Base Bars

vision uci compliant base bars 300x116   Vision UCI Compliant Base BarsUCI has decided to enforce its “3:1” regulation last year which dictated the control measures on the ration of chord (length) to thickness of any non-circular “aerodynamic” cross section component of the bike. Vision, the aero handlebar specialist has come up with an improved two base designs and with an internal brake cable routing in compliance with the regulation.

The bars are both of aluminum and carbon bases which will be out in the market from mid-June in the UK. Both components have an extending sideways of 31.8 diameter center bulge which would accommodate clip-on tri-bar clamps. It characterized a “zero-degree flat wing” profile.

The specific features adhering to its design and profile are these as follow; it weighs 207g, a twill finish on the Carbon OS Base Bar, its width, from center to center is 410mm and a tag price of £279.99. Also, to be available is the Team Alloy…

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