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2012 Viner Perfecta 2.11 Road Bike

2012 viner perfecta 2 11 road bike   2012 Viner Perfecta 2.11 Road Bike

Perfect for riders who are looking for the best machine on road for 2012 is the new road bike called Perfecta 2.11 from Viner. Designed to be more lightweight and aggressive, the Perfecta 1.1 features an entirely revamped frame that ensures the best road performances.

Making the road bike stiffer is its new conical cylindrical tubes. Also, the innovative rear triangle of the Perfecta 1.1, which has horizontal and vertical tubes with a cylindrical section, reduces the weight of the bike. Handling precision and front rigidity are enhanced by the 56 mm head tube.

100% Italian built through a hand binding process of the T800 tube- to-tube construction, the 2012 Viner Perfecta 2.11 Road Bike is indeed perfect. Other features are Campagnolo Chorus 2012 and modern blocking system. Its unique frame will be available in women, standard, and compact versions.

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2012 Viner Mitus 0.5 Carbon Road Bike

2012 viner mitus 0 5 carbon road bike   2012 Viner Mitus 0.5 Carbon Road Bike

One of the road bikes updated by Viner for 2012 is the Mitus, which is now called 0.5. Fully handmade through a unique hand binding process, the Mitus 0.5 carbon frame is designed to be lightweight and reliably responsive and stiff. Handling stability is improved by its new RS02 fork.

Weight, tortional rigidity, and responsiveness of the frame are enhanced by the integrated new tubes that have conical squared variable sections. Adding to the list of the bike’s first-class components are the hand wrapped joints and Toray T900 carbon tubes.

With its reengineered front triangle, the 2012 Viner Mitus 0.5 Carbon Road Bike is a genuine machine for road racing. Aside from being equipped with impressive specs, the Mitus 0.5 also looks aesthetically pleasing with matt or gloss finish.

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2012 Viner Maxima RS2 Road Bike

2012 viner maxima rs2 road bike   2012 Viner Maxima RS2 Road Bike

Fully custom made, the 2012 Viner Maxima RS2 Road Bike is one of the new top-quality road bikes on the market. Its uniquely designed frame guarantees precise high construction. Various layers of carbon sheeting overlaid are used to ensure the best frame sealing.

Control, precise handling, and front rigidity are enhanced by its new 56 mm head tube. Safety is maximized and much weight is saved by its inventive construction system, featuring a cylindrical carbon bottom bracket with light alloy internal filling customizable with BB30 system, Press Fit, and BSA.

Resistance is maximized by the fully redesigned carbon rear stays added in the rear vertical triangle by hand binding. The integrated or customary seat tube can be customized with 27.2 mm or 31.6 mm diameter. 100% Italian handbuilt, including its tubing, the Maxima RS2 is definitely a masterpiece.

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2011 Viner Maxima RS Road Bike

2011 viner maxima rs road bike   2011 Viner Maxima RS Road Bike

A high-performance road bike, the 2011 Viner Maxima RS Road Bike is a race machine that riders can also have in a sportive geometry. Redefining customized bikes is the new and unique completely Italian-built construction of Maxima RS.

Featured by its frame customizing are the handcrafted carbon tubes with high density and very low void content. First, careful hand smoothing on all machined parts is used to finish the frame then a specific resin spray that guarantees great paint adherence.

All the rider’s technical and physical characteristics can be tackled by the tubes, thanks to the innovated carbon fiber binding. Justifying the 2011 Viner Maxima RS road bike’s high price are the superb qualities of this the ultimate custom-made road bike.

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