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2011 Velorbis Bike Basket

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Velorbis Bike Basket

2011 velorbis bike basket   2011 Velorbis Bike Basket

Velorbis, maker of the iconic and classic designer bikes, has announced the release of its new bike basket system with an amazing 15kg load capacity, making it the world’s strongest basket. This basket is created based on the unique patent pending FrameFix mounting bracket, also a new Velorbis invention.

The new Velorbis FrameFix mounting bracket is a totally consumer-driven solution to all cycling storage problems. Attached to the head tube not to the handlebars, it keeps the accompanying basket in a fixed position when cycling. This provides more stability and strength.

In terms of design functionality and aesthetics, the 2011 Velorbis Bike Basket is completely unique. Thanks to the inner core strength offered by the Velorbis FrameFix mounting mechanism that maximizes the load capacity of bike baskets without compromising balance and steering ability.

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Velorbis Elechic E Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Velorbis Elechic E Bike

velorbis elechic e bike   Velorbis Elechic E Bike

Velorbis is coming out with a soon to be released classic bicycle with a hidden electric power source which the hope of altering the reputation of E-Bike in the market today. The Elechic is designed to be helpful to its rider who may have difficulty on climbing steep hills. It is also environmental friendly and stylish.

From out of their very own press release, some reliable data have indicated that Velorbis is confident that electric Bicycles need not be huge or enlarged or need not be inconsistent with the basic principles of ergonomics and aesthetics.

It emphatically added that its intention is to resolve the conflicting notions that electric bicycles cannot be streamlined and practical, trendy and classic. Velorbis has come up with an artistically crafted bicycle, a fully operational E-Bike with its battery and motor unnoticeably blending with its engineering design. This is the very basic criteria that E-Bikes are built.


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