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Velocity Power Core eBike, 2012 IBDC Winner from Taipei

velocity power core ebike 2012 ibdc winners from taipei   Velocity Power Core eBike, 2012 IBDC Winner from Taipei

Taiwanese designer Larry Chen’s Velocity “Power Core” eBike took 1st out of 800 entries at the 16th annual International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) this year.

So what made this eBike stand out from the rest of its competition? Simply put, it’s “Power Core”, which is a compact source of power designed into the frame. If you feel like manually pedaling an entire trip, the “Power Core” can be removed in order to save weight.

If its functionality didn’t nab, its design is sure to captivate. Chen’s work takes on a contemporary look that’s easy on the eyes.

With its weight-saving feature and modern design, the Velocity “Power Core” eBike is one of the more versatile ones in existence.

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2012 Velocity Alloy Rims

2012 velocity alloy rims   2012 Velocity Alloy Rims

Velocity, along with its founder Tom Black, is moving from Australia to Florida in 2012. This move makes history as Velocity becomes the only alloy rim built in the United States. In 2011, Velocity is still currently making its rims in Australia but it will stop its production in Brisbane before the year ends.

But starting in February, 2012, Velocity will make alloy rims in Jacksonville, Florida. As the only aluminum rims in the cycling industry that are U.S. produced, these rims are expected to be engineered with state-of-the-art quality to meet the demands of riders not only in the US but worldwide, as well.

It is foreseen that the 2012 Velocity Alloy Rims will not only become a pioneer of such cycling products in the US. More importantly, it is the objective of the company to become a leader in terms of quality, creativity, and customization, which Velocity has been…

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2012 Ridgeback Velocity Hybrid Bike

2012 ridgeback velocity hybrid bike   2012 Ridgeback Velocity Hybrid Bike

Ridgeback has finally entered the market of rugged and sporty hybrid bicycles by introducing the new Velocity bike for 2012. Very lightweight, the 6061 double-butted aluminum frame is stopped and propelled by the reliable Acera 24-speed components from Shimano.

Aside from being puncture-resistant, the Continental Contact tires also roll very fast. The wheels, which wear first-class German rubber fashion, combine light weight and sturdiness. By adding mudguards and a rack, the bike can be used for regular commuting.

Riders who are looking for a sporty ride at a reasonable price will love the 2012 Ridgeback Velocity Hybrid Bike. With its amazing versatility, the Velocity can tackle various rides from intermediate-distance road rides to more relaxed excursions.

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Velocity A23 Race Wheelset & Hubs

velocity a23 race wheelset hubs   Velocity A23 Race Wheelset & Hubs

Velocity has announced the release of the A23 race wheelset and hubs, and are fitting for road and cyclocross.

While Velocity strives and succeeds to make wheels and hubs of the finest quality, you can except nothing less with the A23 wheelset and hubs.

The A23 rear hub is designed with 51% larger side flange height. With the larger than normal flange, it adds precise tension and a symmetric wheel for a stronger and stiffer ride. Fitting 23mm wide tires for keeping the convenience of a clincher, and increasing cornering abilities.

The A23 rim alone weighs 426 grams, and the pro build (using with Sapim CX-Ray Spokes, alloy nipples) weighs 1400 grams.

Front A23 hub weighs 78 grams, and is available in 20, 24 and 28 holes. Rear A23 hub weighs in at 256 grams, and is available in 24, 28, and 32 hole drillings. For more information, visit…

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Velocity 700c Psycho Rim

velocity 700c psycho rim   Velocity 700c Psycho Rim

The Psycho Rim by Velocity was originally used for downhill mountain biking (24″ and 26″), then a 20″ BMX offering was released. Once again, the Velocity Psycho will adapt to another cycling realm, fixed gear.

Designed for tricks, the Velocity 700c Psycho rim is offered in 36, 40, and 48 holes. For those that need a rim for hard landings and to take a beating, the Psycho 700c is 31.5mm wide, sturdier than the other track specific rims. MSRP is not known as of yet, but the rims should release to retailers soon.

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Leader x Velocity x Mike Giant x Bikes on Wheels – Frames, Rims, Completes

leader velocity mike giant bikes on wheels frames rims completes   Leader x Velocity x Mike Giant x Bikes on Wheels   Frames, Rims, Completes

Add Mike Giant, Bikes on Wheels, Leader, plus Velocity rims, and what do you get? Some custom art work you can ride.

Although the frames and rims were already on display for the Bicycle Film Festival on August 18th at Mascot, 1267 Queen St. W in Park dale, you still have a chance to check them out (here), and purchase since they are being auctioned off. As you can see, many of the frames feature an array of colors, while the first complete offering is simple.

The first Mike Giant x Leader to auction features white/black colorway, Velocity rims, Paul cranks and hubs, Thompson stem and seat post, and Soma drop bars. Starting bid is $4,000! Check out the rest of the images below.

Source: BikesOnWheels

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Velocity Major Tom Cyclocross Tubular Rim

velocity major tom cyclocross tubular rim   Velocity Major Tom Cyclocross Tubular Rim

Velocity is getting prepared to release a tubular rim for cyclocross, and presented is a spy shot. Known as the Major Tom, Velocity will offer them in rims and wheelsets.

Velocity Major Tom tubular rims measure 23mm wide, 21mm deep, and 11mm brake track. Weighing in at 432 grams for the rim. Weight on the wheelset is not available yet. Available in 24, 28, 32, and 36 hole drillings. Releasing to Velocity retailers late this August. Visit Velocity to find a local retailer.

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