pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Velobility E bike

2012 velobility e bike   2012 Velobility E bike

A new pedelec to be released in 2012 is the Velobility e-bike. Presented at the Velo-City conference in Sevilla, Spain, this e-bike guarantees a great riding experience with all the necessary components for an e-bike and the clean design of Paper Bicycle.

Within the chain case and the center unit, all the parts of the e-bike were concealed in a functional unit. Such an integrated design gives the bike exquisite aesthetics. With this design, the basic version of the Paper Bicycle is also concealed.

Around the components of the 2012 Velobility E-bike, a cage is built to make the multi-user e-bike vandalism-proof and very dependable. Aside from excellent frame construction at the bottom part, a very low center of gravity is ensured by positioning all the equipment in the center of the bike….

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