camelbak velobak   Camelbak VeloBak: A Road Bike Jersey with Built in Hydration

New to Camelbak’s wearable hydration collection is the Camelbak VeloBak, the first road bike jersey designed with a cyclist’s need for a convenient hydration system in mind. The Camelbak VeloBak made its debut at this year’s InterBike, where it received positive feedback from roadies and mountain bikers. The jersey is home to a 72 .oz reservoir, located on the backside. It also hosts three pockets and a dual zip front. The VeloBak is best suited for a bike ride lasting two or more hours. Unfortunately, the VeloBak will only come in white (at least for starters anyway), which may not be ideal for ripping up a muddy mountain bike trail. It will be available on the 15th for both men and women and will retail for $130.

Source: Bike World News

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