pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Intense Uzzi Mountain Bike

2012 intense uzzi mountain bike   2012 Intense Uzzi Mountain Bike

For 2012, Intense Cycles has revamped its mountain bike called Uzzi. This latest model made the Uzzi an all-mountain bike that features an advanced long travel, which suits all types of riders. With a 65-66 steering angle, the cornering and control of the bike is enhanced.

With the Uzzi, riders do not have to worry about the stubble, rubble, rocks, roots, drops, corners, and toaster-sized boulders on the trail. By increasing the lateral stiffness of the bike with a reengineered rear end, finer ride quality is guaranteed without sacrificing its compliant feel.

Ideal for riders who are looking for a do-it-all-bike with big travel is the 2012 Intense Uzzi Mountain Bike. Through the years, this mountain bike has established a reputation in the cycling world as a trusted companion on the trail and this latest model is expected to do the same.


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