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SpinStix Wheel Skewers

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SpinStix Wheel Skewers

spinstix wheel skewers 297x300   SpinStix Wheel Skewers

Ultimate Sports Engineering comes out with the SpinStix Wheel Skewers. The new and simple skewers are one step ahead your traditional CAM skewers with its double start thread that can tighten ¾ of a turn. This will do well when you want to change your wheels with speed. It is also made from CNC 7075 Aluminum, which means it’s made to last.

The SpinStix Wheel Skewers are available in Titanium or in stainless steel. It also has a TULA fly nut and measures in at 115mm for the front and 145mm at the rear, making it compatible with all rear axles. For Titanium skewers, it weighs 55 grams a pair while the stainless steel weighs 80 grams.

The USE design on the SpinStix Wheel Skewers were made with laser technology and comes in colors of black, silver, blue and red. They are sold for $99.99….

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USE Summit Carbon Road Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   USE Summit Carbon Road Handlebars

new handlebars from use 300x225   USE Summit Carbon Road HandlebarsUltimate Sports Engineering have made a name for itself as a creative and innovative manufacturer of cycling parts for twenty years. Its latest ingenious design is called the Summit.

The Summit is a carbon road bar whose target market is your average road riders who long to be comfortable when cycling for long distances. The Summit has a 31.8mm center section that follows the curve of the handle bar on its upper bend. This will allow the round upper section to be flexible to whatever angle its rider chooses to hold the grip with.

An additional feature most riders would like is that a roughened area was place at the center area and the section underneath the brake levers. This will lessen the need for you to exert clamping force. Two cable guides are also available at the underside of the bar uppers.

The Summit road bar has a depth of…

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