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Helmet Cams and Carbon Junior Bikes Up for Ban by USA Cycling

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Helmet Cams and Carbon Junior Bikes Up for Ban by USA Cycling

helmet cams and carbon junior bikes up for ban by usa cycling   Helmet Cams and Carbon Junior Bikes Up for Ban by USA Cycling

USA Cycling is currently reviewing several updates for its rulebook to be implemented in 2011. Some of the proposed changes include bans on helmet cams, junior bike equipment and creation of a singlespeed cyclocross championship.

The USAC Board of Trustees will hold converge on November 6 and should finalize their decisions on the updates for the rulebook by November 8.

The rule bans accessories like cameras, visors and fairings to be found on helmets. However, it”s acceptable for the bike to have them. Technical director Shawn Farrell explains the reason for the proposed items. “It’s more from a risk management perspective and the recognition that it would have to affect the safety aspects of the helmet, just by definition. In a crash, if you do a header best online casino right on top of your helmet cam, you’re going to drive it right through your helmet into your…

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New Rules for 2010 Cyclocross Season

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Rules for 2010 Cyclocross Season

USA Cycling Elections for 2010 300x175   New Rules for 2010 Cyclocross SeasonThe 2010-2011 Cyclocross season will see some changes which was approved by the Road, Track & Cyclocross Board of Trustees of USA Cycling today. The new changes brought about by new rules, will accomplish the following:
1. Modification on course obstacles
2. Cyclocross feeding rules
3. Handling of Lapped riders

Here is a brief overview:
On the course obstacles, wooden planks can be 40cm or below. The distance between planks can be increased from 4 meters to 6 meters. Obstacles remain 10% of the total course but there will be six artificial obstacles. Sand is now allowed with strict specifications that it must only be 40-60 meters long.

On feeding, the food should be at least 68° F and food distribution and eating at the service lane area only. Feeding is not allowed during the first two laps and the last two laps.

On lapped riders, they can finish together with the race leader. No lapped rider can cross…

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USA Cycling on Doping Allegations

pinit fg en rect gray 20   USA Cycling on Doping Allegations

usa cycling on doping allegations 257x300   USA Cycling on Doping AllegationsWhat Floyd Landis revealed in his email regarding his admission to doping certainly got everyone’s attention and more. Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling, to whom the email was addressed, gave a statement concerning the delicate matter and stresses how USA Cycling continues to implement its zero tolerance policy when it comes to dopin in the sport of cycling.

Johnson said: “In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Code of Athlete’s Rights, USA Cycling does not and will not discuss doping allegations, investigations or any aspect of an adjudication process.”

“There are many accusations being circulated and we are confident these will be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities. Cycling is the most aggressive sport in the fight against doping with some of the most diverse and innovative monitoring and testing programs including in and out of competition urine and blood tests, medical monitoring for Pro Tour and Pro Continental teams, and…

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USA Cycling Elections for 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   USA Cycling Elections for 2010

USA Cycling Elections for 2010 300x175   USA Cycling Elections for 2010The USA Cycling elections will soon take place and nominations for cycling representatives can now be filed. The community will get to participate by choosing their own candidates for the board of trustees that compose USA Cycling administration and let every individual decide the future of the sport through the electoral process.

The USA Cycling website is now posting the names of the candidates. By clicking the links below you can access the list of nominees. Submission of nomination forms to the USA Cycling in not later than 4:30 MDT on the first of July 2010. Get the chance to make changes and let your voice be heard!

All can avail of the nomination forms on USAC’s web site.

For this year’s election, the positions at stake:
USCF – Eastern Trustee, Central Trustee, and Western Trustee are open with one slot per position.
NORBA – Industry Trustee and Organizer Trustee has one position for election…

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Reynolds Main Sponsor for USA Cycling

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Reynolds Main Sponsor for USA Cycling

reynolds sponsor usa cycling   Reynolds Main Sponsor for USA Cycling

USA Cycling has decided to get Reynolds Cycling to be the official sponsor and supplier for developmental programs they facilitate, both domestic and international-based activities.

The contract pertains to the supply of road, time trial and track wheels by Reynolds to the USA Cycling development programs and endurance track programs. It will cover junior, women and U23 levels. The contract is effective until 2012.

CEO Dean Gestal of Reynolds Cycling was very excited with the partnership with USA Cycling. It gives them pleasure to provide the wheel line that will help in the programs which cultivate young athletes in cycling.

CEO Steve Johnson of USA Cycling was proud to be associated with a world leader in wheels such as Reynolds Cycling. “Wheel quality is a vital factor in racing and the Reynolds partnership is another important step as we continue to strive to provide our athletes with top quality products.”

Athletes under the…

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USA Cycling Says No to Radios

pinit fg en rect gray 20   USA Cycling Says No to Radios

usa cycling says no to radios   USA Cycling Says No to Radios

USA Cycling has finally made a decision on the issue of race radios being used in the pro tours, and their answer is NO. This decision by the American cycling body apparently follows UCI’s lead when the latter moved to ban radios in almost all of its cycling events.

The UCI has been banning race radios in their events for the last two years. It started with the U23 races and slowly but surely extended into the lower-level elite cycling events. USA Cycling has been modelling most of their elite events in accordance with UCI regulations, so their latest move to ban radios may come as no surprise to anyone

The debate over race radios started last Monday when USA Cycling directors met to discuss their moves on whether or not they will be adapting the UCI ban on the communication devices. As a matter of fact, this…

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Lacambra to Head USA Cycling Women’s Program

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lacambra to Head USA Cycling Womens Program

lacambra to head usa cycling womens program   Lacambra to Head USA Cycling Womens Program

USA Cycling has brought in Spain-based company Management Cycling Prof, S.L. to head up their women’s endurance program. The company is led by Director Sportif Manel Lacambra, and will be playing a pivotal role in the management and development of world-class women cyclists from the U.S.

Lacambra has at least four years’ worth of experience in managing a professional women’s team, and has also been a manager for the Univega Pro Cycling Team. His latest stint has been as manager for the Cervelo Test Team, which is based in Germany, and has worked closely with Olympic gold medalist and two-time world champion Kristin Armstrong.

His work with the Cervelo Test Team has helped them earn 87 podium places last season, which includes five World Cup wins.

Manel Lacambra has expressed his delight in being able to work with the U.S. National Team. He says that American riders have the talent,…

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