pinit fg en rect gray 20   First US Brompton Race awards Winners

first us brompton race awards winners   First US Brompton Race awards Winners

The US Brompton race was won by Aaron Ritz and Beth Green. Both will be flying to England for the 5th Annual Brompton World Championships in October 3 at Blenheim Palace, England.

The Fairmount Park in Philadelphia was filled with 59 competitors on their Brompton bikes last March 20. This was the first ever Brompton Championship race in the US.

In the men’s division, Ritz finished the course in 18:28. His 2-speed Brompton S2L-X sped along the 6.2 mile course. David Wilcox of Broadway Bicycles in Jamaica Plain, MA, was the Men’s favorite rider but the time it took for him to unfold his bike at the beginning of the race was his blunder. Wilcox did his best and finished third while Peter Dalkner won the second place.

Green pointed out that that the race may seem silly but it was still a race. She also stressed that it was fun and it…

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