pinit fg en rect gray 20   Urge 2011 Down O Matic Helmet

urge 2011 down o matic helmet   Urge 2011 Down O Matic Helmet

Urge Bike Products brings to 2011 the Down-O-Matic helmet. Dubbed to be the “Big Brother” among other helmets in the 2011 line, the Down-O-Matic comes with big circular vents on the front to keep airflow at its maximum. The vents have grids and the overall composite fiber construction brings the weight-protection ratio at its optimum.

Th inside of the Down-O-Matic is softly padded. Comfortable and removable, the pads can be washed to avoid gathering of sweat, dust and grime.The visor uses the Flex System technology to help protect the rider. If something hits the visor, it flexes to fall off away from the rider’s face.

Ideal to be used for for BMX, downhill, bikeparks or freeride, the 2011 Down-O-Matic lets you do extreme riding in better hands. The helmet comes in five loud colors and graphics.

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