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UCI Says No to Studs and Spikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Says No to Studs and Spikes

uci says no to studs and spikes   UCI Says No to Studs and Spikes

The UCI has issued rules this year against the use of studded tires for cyclocross competitions. Reports say that UCI had decided to put these regulations into place after rumors circulated about cyclocross star Sven Nys using new Dugast tires with embedded metal spikes, called the ‘Diabolo’.

The new UCI regulations (1.3.018) specifically state that “For the cyclocross bicycle… the tire shall not exceed 35mm and it may not incorporate any form of spike or stud.”

News reports from Belga said that the Dugast spiked tires had been tested by Sven Nys in icy conditions in The Netherlands, and that the ‘Diabolo’ tires had performed extremely well with excellent grip. The Belgian cyclist himself had reportedly proclaimed the tires as “phenomenally good” after the tests.

The UCI ban comes into effect in time for the approaching Cyclocross World Championships in Tabor, Czech Republic.   The event will be held on an…

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USA Bids to Host Cyclocross World

pinit fg en rect gray 20   USA Bids to Host Cyclocross World

usa bids to host cyclocross world   USA Bids to Host Cyclocross World

The Cyclocross World Championships may be held on American soil for the first time ever — if things work out the way that the team behind the U.S. Gran Prix are hoping it would. Joan Hanscom, the USGP director, confirms that she and Bruce Fina (executive director of USGP) has submitted a bid to UCI to host the event for 2013.

USGP is currently waiting for the official decision from the UCI, but things are already looking bright for the American organization’s hosting bid, if comments from UCI ‘cross coordinator Peter van den Abelee are to be considered.

Abelee said in an interview with the Belgian press that Louisville is currently in the top position for hosting the prestigious event. Hanscom adds that the UCI has already done a site visit, and they are pretty much encouraged by Abelee’s words. This would be the first time that the ‘Cross…

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BMC Racing Team Gets Wild Card Status for 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   BMC Racing Team Gets Wild Card Status for 2010

bmc racing team gets wild card status for 2010   BMC Racing Team Gets Wild Card Status for 2010

Today, the BMC racing team has announced that the UCI has awarded them with wild card status for the 2010 season. This means that the team has the right to be invited to both UCI ProTour and Historic race events. “This was critical to fulfilling our central goals, not only for 2010 but also into the future. It paves the way for an ambitious schedule of racing that will expose even more people to the BMC Racing Team and our outstanding line-up of sponsors,” said BMC team president, Jim Ochowicz. “We expect to be competitive in every race we enter, whether it’s a one-day classic, a one-week stage race or a Grand Tour. All the pieces are in place for this team to get the most out of its talent – be it in Europe, the United States or anywhere in the world,” said director…

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Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

floyd landis may sign with rock racing   Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

About a month ago, we reported that Floyd Landis will be leaving his current team OUCH, and possibly signing with Rock Racing for 2010. French Website, citing sources close to Michael Ball, team owner, says that Landis is on the verge of signing with Rock Racing. However, the contract is dependent on whether or not the team will obtain their Professional Continental License from the UCI. The license announcement is expected on January 4th. The UCI rejected their first application for a license. “We’re obviously very disappointed but are working diligently to satisfy every requirement that is being asked of us. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure we can race next year,” the team said in an earlier statement….

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UCI Pulls Rebellin’s Medal

pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Pulls Rebellins Medal

uci pulls rebellins medal   UCI Pulls Rebellins Medal

Italian classics racer Davide Rebellin has been stripped of his Olympic silver medal, which he won in 2008 in the road race. The UCI announced Tuesday that the 37-year-old cyclist tested positive for the blood-booster CERA, and that the ICO (International Olympic Committee) has disqualified Rebellin, and his silver medal will now go to Switzerland’s Olympic time trial champion, Fabian Cancellara, and the bronze to Russia’s Alexander Kolobnev. “The finishing order is automatically changed,” says the UCI, who based the decision on its own rule, 12.1.022. The failed test didn’t come until April, after Rebellin had won the 2009 Fleche Wallonne. Kolobnev, the new recipient of the bronze medal, says “I don’t know anything from the results or what’s going on. No one has contacted me from officially from the IOC, the UCI hasn’t told me anything. I know the story only from the press, on…

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USA Cycling Reviews Continental Team Applications

pinit fg en rect gray 20   USA Cycling Reviews Continental Team Applications

usa cycling reviews continental team applications   USA Cycling Reviews Continental Team Applications

USA Cycling announced that it is reviewing 12 UCI Continental Team Status applications for the 2010 season. The deadline to turn in an application was October 30th, any candidates to apply after this date will not be accepted for the 2010 season. The 12 teams who have plans to compete in the USA Cycling Professional Tour are:

Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team

BISSELL Pro Cycling

Jamis/Sutter Home presented by Colavita

Jelly Belly Cycling presented by Kenda

Kelly Benefit Strategies

Kenda Pro Cycling presented by Gear Grinder

Adageo Energy Pro Cycling

Team Hotel San Jose

Team Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s

Team Type 1

Trek LIVESTRONG U23 Cycling Team presented by RadioShack

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Alberto Contador Free to Leave Astana?

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Alberto Contador Free to Leave Astana?

alberto contador free to leave astana   Alberto Contador Free to Leave Astana?

This Thursday, the UCI (International Cycing Union) released a list showing all of the ProTour teams that have made the requirements for a 2010 license. Five teams did not make the list, and one of those is Astana, the team of two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador. According to the UCI regulations, riders of teams that have not submitted the correct files for registration may terminate their contracts with no consequences. Contador has stated that he wishes to leave Astana. Where will he go from here? There’s no telling, but Quick Step, Caisse d’Epargne and Garmin-Slipstream have all shown interest in Contador. Stay tuned for more news on this issue!

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