pinit fg en rect gray 20   TyK Bike Chick Pin Up Calendar 2010

tyk bike chick pin up calendar 2010   TyK Bike Chick Pin Up Calendar 2010

Coming back for 2010 is TyK, aka Thought You Knew with two calendars, a Women’s Bike and Men’s Super Heroes pin up calendar. As you can see, the women’s calendar features ladies and bikes, while the proceeds go directly to Chicago Women’s Health Center. As well, TyK will have a taste of Sadie Hawkins Style Ride on November 14th, and a after party at Cobra Lounge. On the Tyk/B side (Thought You Knew Better), men as super heroes will be featured, in a comic book style. Friday, November 20th the calendar will release at Mars Gallery, located at 1139 W Fulton Market….

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