pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Troy Lee T Bone Knee Pads

2011 troy lee t bone knee pads   2011 Troy Lee T Bone Knee Pads

Troy Lee returns with a vengeance with the new 2011 Troy Lee T-Bone Knee Pads, which focuses on both the rider’s protection as well as comfort levels.

The new T-Bone knee pads from Troy Lee looks really great not only on the aesthetics but also on the insane level of protection that it would provide during roadtrips, treks and rides in any and all terrains.

Also another great thing about these knee pads is that they not only protect the rider’s front knee area but it was also designed by the protective gear maker to protect the both sides of the knees.

Its stretchy enough to reach the calves and it does excellent work in keeping you comfortable even during the most rigorous rides. The T-Bone Knee Pad is currently priced at $80.00 and available in most cycling shops around the country.

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