pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Trigon TTQC29 Time Trial Bike

2011 trigon ttqc29 time trial bike   2011 Trigon TTQC29 Time Trial Bike

Trigon, a Taiwanese carbon-making company, has released a new time trial bike called TTQC29 for 2011. The TTQC29 features a stiff and speedy ride with tight handling. Weighing at 7.65kg, this time trial bike is nicely lightweight.

Because it is appropriately stiff, this time trial bike climbs impressively well. During out-of-the-saddle attempts, annoying flexes are avoided through the rigid radically-shaped Trigon base bar. During high-speed cornering, tight handling is delivered by the fork and head tube.

The race-ready 85mm tubular wheels of the 2011 Trigon TTQC29 Time Trial Bike weighs 1,851g. On a descent, the TTQC29 is stable at almost 40mph. Though this bike does not claim excellent aerodynamic properties, its amazing speed is still guaranteed.

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