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Specialized Trivent Triathlon Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Trivent Triathlon Shoe

specialized trivent triathlon shoe 300x300   Specialized Trivent Triathlon ShoeThe Trivent Triathlon shoe was a collaborative design between Specialized and the world’s fastest triathlete, Peter Reid. With the use of the Body Geometry technology, the ventilation system in the Trivent functions to keep its users feet dry and cool.

The Trivent has a patented Body Geometry outsole and footbed design. the carbon outsole has chromed fibers that acts as a shield to prevent heat from reaching your feet. The fibers reflects the heat back to the road.

The footbed is perforated to allow easy airflow and the sole is ventilated with an open mesh upper and molded toe. There is also a shoehorn heel pull on the inside of the heel so it can be slipped on and off easily during a race. A wide main strap also does the same.

The Trivent has a 3-bolt cleat pattern that is compatible with Shimano SPD®-SL, Look®, Time®, and Speedplay®. It weighs approximately 590…

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Louis Garneau Carbon X-Lite Shoes

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louis garneau carbon x lite shoes 300x240   Louis Garneau Carbon X Lite Shoes

The hot new item for spring 2010 from Louis Garneau is the Carbon X-Lite Shoes. Available in white, the shoe is made with the new COOLMAX Ergo Air outsole. The 100% Carbon Extralite outsole comes with a patented multivent system which makes it featherweight. It weighs only 196 grams but enhances power transmission when worn during cycling. This is currently the lightest shoe by the company.

The Carbon X-Lite features the 100 HRS (Heel Retention System) which holds the heel in place even under extreme pressure exerted by the wearer. For easy change of footwear, two velcro straps are in place for security and access.

The shoe also has a heel reflector and seamless microfiber leather upper. It has a visual display of cleat position which makes it compatible with LOOK, TIME and SPEED PLAY cleats. It also has two inner soles.

Retail price for the Louis Garneau Carbon X-Lite Shoes is $169.95.

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Bont Triathlon Shoes

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new line of triathlon shoes from bont 1   Bont Triathlon Shoes

Bont have recently launched new line of triathlon shoes. Comfort and performance is their main goal with the new models. The Sub-8 and Sub-9 are made with a Monocoque construction which encloses the foot with a carbon base chassis material. For the Sub-10, the material used is a fiberglass base.

With epoxy thermoset resin, the new triathlon shoes also share the same lining material of a non-porous microfiber. They all share the Z-lock feature and a shoe horn for quick slip-off and slip-on of the triathlon shoes during competition.

Bont researched on what triathletes want in a shoe and the result is the Sub-8 model. Adding a two-part tongue and a shoe horn enhances fast transition for triathletes. It closes with a velcro flap that crisscrosses to make it secure. It weighs 225 grams, making it light on your feet. It comes in eight colors (silver, black, red, blue, pink, green, orange…

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